About Us

We are Passionate About Programming and we aim to share our enthusiasm and commitment every day.

I Programmer can be summed up as:

  • An online magazine for programmers

but unlike a typical magazine that comes out once a month, or at best once a week, we publish new content every day of the week.

We aim to post at least two full-length feature articles per week that provide a balance of theory and practice, tutorial and project plus comment pieces that reflect on the programming issues. We also have a rich wealth of material on the history and development of programming and computer technology.

Every week we post a full book review and we also regularly add newly published titles to Book Watch, selected to be of direct interest to programmers. You'll find new books on both mainstream and less well known computer languages, plus books on data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, careers and training plus topics that are of interest to our team of reviewers and are likely to appeal to many of our readers. We also post reading recommendations in the form of our Programmer’s Bookshelves, where we gather all the best titles from our book reviews for a particular programming language or specific topic.

We are often asked if we could post our book reviews on Amazon. The answer is "no" because Amazon's policy is not to include links to other websites. We are continuing to try to change its policy because we feel our reviews are helpful as they are written by readers who are knowledgeable about and interested in the topics covered. 

Our daily content also includes breaking news and analysis of emergent topics written by our team of expert programmers.




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