The legends of the computing industry made huge technological advances often against the odds. Some names you will know from current news - Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Alan Sugar - but computer history started much earlier and there are many pioneers you should know about.
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1 Ada Lovelace, The First Programmer
2 Adam Osborne Serial Entrepreneur
3 AI and Games Pioneer, A L Samuel
4 Alan Kay
5 Alan Sugar - Amstrad and the CPC
6 An Wang - The Man Who Might Have Invented The Personal Computer
7 Andrew Booth and the Forgotten Computers
8 Bill Gates - Before He Was Famous
9 Charles Babbage - The First Computer Visionary
10 Claude Shannon - Information Theory And More
11 Clive Sinclair And The Small Home Computer Revolution
12 Dan Bricklin - Inventor of the PC Spreadsheet
13 Donald Knuth & The Art of Computer Programming
14 Douglas Engelbart
15 Douglas Hartree and the Meccano Computer
16 Edsger Dijkstra - The Poetry Of Programming
17 Gary Kildall - CP/M, Digital Research and GEM
18 Gene Amdahl
19 Gordon Bell And DEC - The Mini Computer Era
20 Grace Hopper - The Mother of Cobol
21 Herman Hollerith and the Punch Card
22 Howard Aiken and the Harvard Mark I
23 Ivan Sutherland - Father of Graphics
24 Jay Forrester and Whirlwind
25 John Backus - the Father of Fortran
26 John Von Neumann The Great Polymath
27 John Warnock - Father of PostScript
28 Kemeny & Kurtz - The Invention Of BASIC
29 Konrad Zuse And The First Working Computer
30 Margaret Hamilton Apollo and Beyond
31 Marvin Minsky
32 Maurice Wilkes and EDSAC
33 Mitch Kapor and Lotus 1-2-3
34 Nolan Bushnell and Atari
35 Ritchie & Thompson
36 Robert Metcalfe
37 Seymour Cray
38 Steve Jobs and the Early Apple Years
39 Steve Wozniak
40 Super Mario - Nintendo Goes Forward
41 Thomas J Watson Jr and the IBM 360 Fifty Years On
42 Thomas J Watson Sr, Father of IBM
43 Vannevar Bush - The Man Who Didn't Invent The Computer
44 William Shockley and solid state electronics