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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I Programmer is a magazine site with new content added on a daily basis. Our analysis of breaking  news is written by programmers for programmers, our book reviews are written by experts in programming topics and our feature articles, both for beginners and for experienced developers, are written by programmers who not only know their subject matter but are good at communicating both practice and theory. 


We are confident we've achieved a balanced mix because not only do we attract lots of visitors they also spend quite a while on the site - the average visit lasts 16 minutes with over a minute per page.


We accept banner advertising. Our rate card is competitive but that's only half the story.

Advertise with us and we can help you convey your message.

  • Product launches,  new releases, updated versions

We understand what developers want to know and we can put your message in context - explaining the problem as well as the solution.

You can be confident your news will be widely  disseminated - pushed out by RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn and to relevant bookmarking sites such as DZone and SlashDot.

IProgrammer is a Google news site so anybody looking for your news will quickly find it.

Publicity that lasts

The site also provides a platform for promoting your product via sponsored articles.

  • Getting started with .....
  • Hand-on exploration of .....

Suitable where you have a downloadable demo - we'll craft a two-page spread that shows off key features of a product to hook new users.

A how-to article places your product with a context that encourages its use and adoption.

There is no need to engage in advertising hyperbole and claims of being the best, the simple act of presenting how it works and what it can be used for is the most effective way of convincing potential end users to become actual end users.

An article is worth a thousand adverts and its life span is as long as you want it to be. The important thing to notice is that your sponsored article is a first class article on the I Programmer website and as such its purpose is to attract traffic to the site just like any other article. This is why there is no time limit on its publication and why you can be assured that it will be the best possible article to attract users to your product - if it works for us, it works for you.




For a one-off cost, currently £1500/$2000, one of our experts will write an introductory article on using your product as part of a project. The exact nature of the article will depend upon the product but it will be tailored to appealing to as wide an initial audience as possible.

After this you can sponsor additional articles targeted at more advanced users and showing off some of the more advanced features of your product. 


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 September 2015 )