Visual Basic 2005 Recipes: A Problem - Solution Approach

Author: Todd Herman et al
Publisher: Apress,2007
Pages: 664
ISBN: 978-1590598528
Aimed at: VB 2005 developers
Rating: 2
Pros: Listings covering a wide range of topics
Cons: A rather superficial approach

Recipe books are a huge success if they contain the recipe you are looking for and a bit of a flop if they don’t. Todd Herman’s is a very pedestrian recipe book. He never tackles anything off the well-beaten track and most of the solutions are obvious and over-long. The book uses a basic problem, solution and how-it-works format but the solution is generally presented as a listing which is difficult to digest in one lump. The “how it works” section helps but you still need to be prepared to work at reading through the listing. The topics covered are fairly wide and include advanced subjects such as interop, working with windows, encryption and the next version of VB. All fun but the author never does more than scratch the surface. If you need a book to make you feel secure in your understanding of VB then this is it, but if you need a book that takes you deeper look elsewhere.