Doing Objects in Visual Basic 2005

Author: Deborah Kurata
Publisher: Addison Wesley,2007
Pages: 550
ISBN: 978-0321320490
Aimed at: Programmers moving from VB6 to VB .NET
Rating: 2.5
Pros: Interesting content
Cons: Confusing approach to topic
Reviewed by: Mike James

This is a book that promises to be about objects in Visual Basic, an important topic as VB 6 programmers frequently misunderstood or misused object oriented ideas. However, Visual Basic 2005 is object-oriented in ways that you just cannot ignore. The problem is that Deborah Kurata seems to want to talk about almost anything but object-oriented programming. It’s not until very late on in the book that we get to learn about classes and creating them. A great deal of the first part of the book deals with design methods, database theory and so on – interesting but not core object-oriented ideas. As a result it deals with too many difficult and messy topics and lacks the clear approach to objects the beginner needs. Parts of this book are readable and quite interesting but it doesn’t live up to the promise of its title and many beginning to intermediate VB programmers are going to find it all very confusing. A much easier approach to understanding objects would be to start from the use of controls – they are visibly objects with properties, methods and able to respond to events – but this not the route taken.