Pro Ajax and The.NET 2.0 Platform

Author: Daniel Woolston
Publisher: Apress,2006
Pages: 488
ISBN: 978-1590596708 
Aimed at: Developers new to AJAX
Rating: 3.5
Pros: Deals adequately with simple ideas
Cons: Fails to deal with difficult ones
Reviewed by: Mike James

Ajax is an important technology. It has the power to make web pages more responsive and perhaps even dissolve the distinction between desktop and web applications. Daniel Woolston’s book doesn’t really do the subject justice. It tends to range over far too many topics and fails to concentrate on the key ideas. It rambles on and while it deals with simple ideas, such as how basic Javascript works, it ignores most of the difficulties of implementing an Ajax approach. Its coverage of the .NET approach to Ajax is slightly better but there are still too many unhelpful screen dumps and overly long listings to make this a good book. The author tends to talk around the subject matter and then presents listings as if they were a substitute for a clear explanation. If you want to know something useful about Ajax, or specifically Ajax .NET, you really need to look elsewhere.