Web Development Solutions Using Ajax, APIs, Libraries, and Hosted Services

Author: Christian Heilmann and Mark Francis
Publisher:Friends of Ed (Apress),2007
Pages: 280
ISBN: 978-1590598061
Aimed at: Novice web developers
Rating: 3
Pros: Fires you with enthusiasm
Cons: Glosses over practical and technical difficulties
Reviewed by: Mike James

Christian Heilmann and Mark Francis have written an enjoyable but potentially dangerous book. The problem is that they discuss creating your own novel and innovative website as if it was easy and anyone could do it. They do keep pointing out that to do a good job you have to do some work learning how to program. Their discussions include references to XML, Ajax and so on but … by slight of hand they manage to avoid actually describing the difficulties that you are bound to encounter if you to do any of this stuff. What makes this all the more dangerous is that the entire tone of the book is exciting, tempting and positively motivating. Yes, even if you only read the first few chapters you want to go out and build a website that makes you lots of money and brings fame. If you do take the bait and attempt to build your own innovative website then you will certainly need to read other books and acquire a number of new skills. Doing great things is always fun but it’s also nearly always more difficult than it first appears.