Author: Daniel Barrett
Pages: 374
ISBN: 978-0596519796
Aimed at: Users of MediaWiki
Rating: 3
Pros: A useful reference work
Cons: Doesn't provide deep technical detail 
Reviewed by: Mike James

MediaWiki is an open source system that implements a wiki system that you can use for collaborative document authoring. As you might guess, it's also the software that runs Wikipedia but you can use it for slightly less ambitious projects if you need to. As it is open source software it is available free to use but, as with a lot of open source software, the documentation isn’t very good and the facilities for installation, management and extension are fairly difficult to use. This book is essentially a reference work with examples of how to get MediaWiki installed and configured and how to manage it. As such it does a good job but by its very nature it’s a fairly tedious read and I doubt you are going to want to read it cover-to-cover. There is a chapter on creating extensions using PHP and how to add Javascript but this only scratches the surface of a complex task. If you are using or plan to use MediaWiki then buying this book is a good investment – it won't inspire you but it might well save you time and trouble.