Author: Amal Graafstra

Publisher: Wiley, 2006
Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-0471771968
Aimed at: Hands-on software and hardware enthusiasts
Rating: 5
Pros: Highly motivational, great fun
Cons: Based mostly on US resources
Reviewed by: Harry Fairhead

If you enjoy building gadgets that combine software and hardware and like to be at the cutting edge then this book is simply marvellous.

RFID, Radio Frequency ID, is a technology that is poised to change the way we shop, deliver things and generally keep track of “stuff”. Think of RFID as a barcode that you can read remotely using a radio signal and you have the basic idea. What is interesting is that this simple idea has many applications.

In this book Amal Graafstra takes us beyond the obvious into the realm of an RFID key to log on to your PC, a pet tag that automatically operates a pet door, a key that unlocks your car or your, safe and so on. And if you are as keen on the technology as the author Amal Graafstra then you can even have an RFID tag implanted under your skin – you’ll find a full description in the book!

The important feature of RFID is that the tags are cheap. This means that you can use RFID tags to track lots of items – books, CDs, and even humans. The hardware is fairly cheap and the explanations are easy enough to understand even if your electronics is minimal.

Given that RFID is still currently one of the  important growth areas, this is a book that promises a lot of good fun and perhaps even profit. If you have any interest in DIY hardware projects this is an essential book.


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