Zend Studio for Eclipse Developer's Guide

Author: Peter MacIntyre & Ian Morse
Publisher: Sams, 2008
Pages: 216
ISBN: 978-0672329401
Aimed at: PHP programmers
Rating: 2 
Pros: Overview of Zend Studio
Cons: Superficial treatment
Reviewed by: Ian Elliot
Eclipse is an attractive open source IDE that, currently at least, is mostly used by Java programmers. Zend Studio for Eclipse is one of the efforts to extend its reach to other languages – PHP in this case. The back jacket copy of this book states “The definitive, comprehensive guide to Zend Studio for Eclipse”. Not really. This is a fairly trivial introduction to the IDE and unless you really need to be told which buttons to click to save a project then you probably aren’t going to get very far with any PHP projects anyway. At best the book is a sort of advertisement for the features and facilities provided by Zend Studio but it doesn’t solve any problems or dig any deeper than the basic documentation. Indeed the free user guide covers much the same ground without cost. Buy it only if you want a summary of Zend Studio to read before you try the real thing out.

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