Google Apps Deciphered

Author: Scott Granneman
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Pages: 592
ISBN: 978-0137004706
Aimed at: Users of Google Apps
Rating: 4.5
Pros: Useful insights into working with Google Apps
Cons: A bit repetitive
Reviewed by: Mike James

Google Apps is a system very much under development and so many of the finer details included in this book will date rapidly. Even so it's still a good overview of what can appear to be a complicated range of features and facilities.

The first part is useful if you are considering getting serious about using Google Apps but haven't much idea of what is available or what the different versions offer. It then walks you through setting up your Google Apps including some technical details of getting your domain name set and pointing at the correct server. It has lots of hints and tips and it highlights the common mistakes that beginners make. You do get the impression that the author has "been there and done that".

From here the book settles into a look at each of the major Google Apps components - Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites and a collection of other less used services. There is a certain amount of repetition as the book outlines the same ideas and facilities for each App or aspect of the same App. You do get coverage of how to integrate Apps with other tools and applications and this is perhaps some of the most useful material. However doesn't give much idea of how things could be made to work together as a optimal system or how to migrate existing ways of working to Apps. However it could be argued that this isn't something you would expect in an introductory book. Also notice that it doesn't cover any programming or API aspects of Google Apps - this is purely a user's guide.

Overall if you are new to Google Apps or if you have to support other users then this book is a good investment.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 19 January 2010 )