Practical Web 2.0 Applications with PHP
Author: Quentin Zervaas
Publisher: Apress, 2007
Pages: 679
ISBN: 978-1590599068
Aimed at: Application builders using the Zend framework
Rating: 4.5
Pros: Clear and well motivated explanations
Cons: Only useful if using Zend
Reviewed by: Ian Elliot

The first and very important thing to say about this book is that it’s not just about Web 2.0 applications implemented using PHP in their generality. It is focused on using the Zend Framework and a few other specific tools – Smarty, MySQL, Prototype, etc - to build an application. If you are using or plan to use the Zend Framework then this isn’t a problem but if you are committed to another approach then there isn’t much of use in this book. If you are interested in getting up to speed with the Zend Framework, which is open source, then the book is essential. It isn’t an easy read, it doesn’t treat you like a dummy and a great deal of ground is covered, but if you stick with it you will learn a great deal. The central example is building a blog tool, but one that includes lots of very Web 2.0 features such as uploading images and positions using Google maps. The descriptions are clear and well motivated and the listings are usually fairly short and easy to follow but you need to keep in mind that the application being developed is fairly large and you need to work at keeping it clear in your mind how it all fits together. You also need to be fairly good at PHP programming and appreciate the how and why of a range of internet protocols. Working your way though this book is a big investment but if the Zend Framework is the way you want to go then it’s very worthwhile – recommended.
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