Flex 3 Cookbook

Author: Joshua Noble & Todd Anderson
Publisher: Adobe Dev Library, 2008
Pages: 704
ISBN: 978-0596529857
Aimed at: Developers working with Flex 3
Rating: 3
Pros: Some useful content
Cons: Long listings poorly formatted
Reviewed by: David Conrad

Another standard format cookbook takes us through useful recipes for Flex 3. The only problem is that it starts off with some very simple topics that would be suitable for a complete beginner and a cookbook is no way to learn something from scratch.

As we move on to later chapters the topics become a little more advanced but we never deviate from the fairly obvious in the sense that you could construct most of the solutions by simply referencing the documentation. Many of the listings also very long and could be better formatted in places. This makes some of the solutions more difficult to follow than necessary.

The topics covered are could be considered to fall into three broad sections. The first is very basic but slowly increasing in level and covers: Flex and ActionScript basics, Menus and Controls, Containers and text. The second forms the solid middle of the book and includes: Lists, Tiles and Trees, Datagrid, Renderers and Editors, Images, Bitmaps and Sounds, Skinning and Styling, Dragging and Dropping, States, Effects, collections, data binding and Regular expressions. As you can tell this middle part of the book jumps around topic wise and so does the overall level.

The final chapters concentrate on more advanced subjects: Working with Services, Browser communications, Modules and shared libraries, AIR, Unit testing with FlexUnit and configuration, internationalisation and printing.

As long as you can put up with some very basic recipes or simply skip them, then there is some good content in this book and it will help if you are working on a Flex 3 project.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 27 September 2009 )