February Week 1
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Saturday, 08 February 2014

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Satya Nadella - Microsoft's Techie CEO   Wednesday 05 February

The rumour has turned into reality and Satya Nadella is Microsoft's new CEO. What next?



Webkit.js - Who Needs A Browser?   Wednesday 05 February

Is this JavaScript's ultimate step towards world domination? Webkit is a full strength industrial HTML rendering engine - and guess what so is webkit.js, only it's a JavaScript program. So who needs a browser?



Colossus Re-enactment To Mark 70th Anniversary   Wednesday 05 February

On 5 February 1944 Colossus Mk I commenced the code-breaking operations that helped to shorten the course of World War II.  This  is being re-enacted today, 70 years later using the re-built Colossus at a celebration attended by some of the original operators and their families.



Google Opens Chromecast To Devs   Tuesday 04 February

Having been in developer preview since last year's Google I/O, an SDK to enable devs to stream content from mobile and web apps to TVs using the Chromecast digital media player is being rolled out for iOS, Android and Chrome developers.



Enigma Secures Funding – Extending Access To Public Data   Tuesday 04 February

A company specializing in creating ways to use public data has announced investor funding of $4.5 million.



XP Rebounds In January 2014   Tuesday 04 February

While the countdown to XP end of support goes steadily down the same cannot be said for the operating system itself. It actually gained market share during the first month of 2014, despite Microsoft efforts to get users to upgrade.



OpenHatch - Matches Volunteers To Projects   Monday 03 February

OpenHatch is a "dating agency" for free open source projects that has succeeded in being noticed.  If you are a prospective volunteer looking for a suitable project, or a project seeking contributors, its site exists for match making. 



Facebook Conceal Encryption For Android   Monday 03 February

Why is Facebook offering Android programmers an encryption library? The reason isn't clear, but it is open source so there can't be anything lurking in there, can there?



Intel's AppUp Taken Down   Monday 03 February

Intel has announced that its AppUp marketplace for Windows apps will close next month and is offering refunds for some paid apps. How will this closure impact developers?



Kerbal Space Program - A Game With A Mission   Sunday 02 February

Kerbal Space Program is multi-genre game in which you create your own space program, starting with building  a space-worthy craft out of a collection of parts. Still under development it is being taken seriously - both in the classroom and by NASA.



Chrome Experiment Brings LEGO To The Browser   Saturday 01 February

Build with Chrome provides you with virtual LEGO bricks and allows you to put them together to create colorful structures, which you can place wherever you like using Google Maps.



$2.7 Million On Offer For Pwnium 4   Friday 31 January

Google has again increased the amount it is prepared to pay out to hackers who find serious holes in the Chrome OS. In Google fashion the headline sum uses a mathematical constant - this time it is e - giving a total prize pot for this year's Pwnium of $2.71828 million.



Android++ For Visual Studio   Friday 31 January

A new extension for Visual Studio lets you use Visual Studio to create Android apps in the Microsoft IDE.



Julia Studio - An IDE For Julia   Friday 31 January

You may never have come across Julia, a dynamic language for technical computing that is especially good at running MATLAB and R-style programs, but the availability of an IDE makes it a worthier of consideration.



Chrome Apps Run On iOS and Android   Thursday 30 January

This is a strange story. Web apps run anywhere there is a browser, but now Google has introduced a new twist on the "run anywhere" idea. Chrome apps that run on iOS and Android. What does this mean?



Amazon Enables Charging For HTML5 Apps   Thursday 30 January

Amazon has added the option of charging for HTML5 web apps on Amazon Appstore and HTML5 developers can now take part in Amazon’s Free App of the Day (FAD) promotion.


The Core

Android Adventures - UI Graphics A Deep Dive   Thursday 30 January

If you want to be a really good Android programmer, not only do you need to know how to create a UI, but also how the UI is created. To be really confident in what you are doing, you need to understand some of the inner workings of the Android graphics system.



Getting started with Google Maps JavaScript   Tuesday 04 February

Google Maps is the basis of all Google Mapping products and it's easy to use in your website or web app. We take a quick look at how to get started and what features you can take advantage of.




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