September Week 2
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Saturday, 13 September 2014

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Windows XP Lives On   Wednesday 10 September

It is six months since the end of support for Windows XP. So has there been a dramatic shift way from it? It depends whose figures you believe.

Google's Neural Networks See Even Better   Wednesday 10 September

Recently Google's neural network team demoed a system that can recognize a lot of different things in photos. In this year's ILSRVC competition they have a neural network that can recognize multiple things in a single photo.

Application Insights SDK Moves To Azure   Wednesday 10 September

Microsoft has a new SDK for finding out what users are doing with your apps. The Application Insights SDK is in preview and confusingly it already has an "old version".

Technology Pioneers 2015 Awards   Tuesday 09 September

Each year since 2000, the World Economic Forum has chosen between 25 and 35 trailblazing companies as Technology Pioneers. Canonical, Couchbase and Raspberry Pi are among the latest to receive the award.

Npgsql Adds Support For Visual Studio Data Designer   Tuesday 09 September

The latest release of Npgsql also adds improvements for Entity Framework and support for Postgre 9.4’s JSONB data type.

Intel RealSense - What Can YOU Do With It?   Monday 08 September

There is still time to come up with an idea that could win you big bucks in the Intel RealSense App. If you want inspiration there is now plenty on offer and you can also reserve a RealSense developer kit if you want to be sure of obtaining one.

SQL At Hadoop Scale   Monday 08 September

Improvements to the Hive engine have been announced by Hortonworks. is intended to deliver enterprise SQL with sub-second query response time and to scale from Gigabytes to Petabytes.

Systemd? You Aint Seen Nothing Yet!   Monday 08 September

Lennart Poettering has caused a big stir in the Linux world with his systemd approach to configuration. Now he has suggested a new way of building distros and getting your code into the users hands and its all based on Btrfs.

Robotic Secrets Revealed - A Video   Sunday 07 September

This video didn't win the AAAI Video competition, but it is certainly good enough to amuse you while teaching you some basic AI. We also  think that this crew deserves a TV series of its own own.

The First Sophisticated Domestic Robot - The Dyson 360 Eye   Saturday 06 September

Yes it's a vacuum cleaner! But you knew it would be. The real question is why has it taken so long to make a sophisticated robot to do the menial job of cleaning the floor.

Ubuntu Attracts Developers   Friday 05 September

Have you ever wondered why you use the operating system you do to create programs, perhaps for other completely different operating systems? Canonical is making efforts to try to attract you to Ubuntu, even if you are targeting Android. 

Ford Mobility Integration Challenge   Friday 05 September

A new contest with a $30,000 in prizes has just opened in the Ford Innovate Mobility Series, in which software developers  are asked to explore transportation and related issues facing and come up with new solutions.

CoffeeScript Update   Friday 05 September

There’s a new release of CoffeeScript designed to sort out minor problems.

Firefox Features From Experimental To Released   Thursday 04 September

Firefox 32 has been launched with features for improved performance and increased security. Firefox 33, with a slew of developer tool enhancements is moving to the beta channel. Meanwhile the version in the Nightly channel has been testing the use of sponsored ads.

RAD Studio XE6   Thursday 04 September

The latest version of Embarcadero RAD Studio has been released, with better support for creating apps that provide a shared user interface optimized for different devices including gadgets and wearables.

The Core

Object-oriented HTML Generation In PHP   Tuesday 09 September

PHP is a programming language specifically designed to generate HTML pages but one of the topics that is rarely discussed is exactly how to do this. In this article the idea that HTML generation should be object oriented is proposed and explored.

Real Raspberry Pi - Getting Started And Custom NOOBS   Thursday 04 September

Chapter 2 of our new ebook "Real Raspberry Pi" covers the ground that every book on the subject has to - connecting up and getting started. Unlike other accounts, this one takes you into customizing the OS with the idea of making headless operation possible. 


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