September Week 3
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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Do you have better things to do than scour the internet for news? No worries -  if you need to know what's important for the developer, IProgrammer Weekly puts the unmissable bits together in a handy digest. This one covers September 11-17.

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Mozilla Labs Closed And Nobody Noticed   Wednesday 17 September

A blog post by Ian Bickling conveyed the news that mozilla Labs has closed. A big and disturbing event for web development. But this happened months ago and this is the first we had heard about it.



CLion – IDE for C/C++   Wednesday 17 September

JetBrains has made its new intelligent cross platform IDE for C and C++ available through its Early Access Program.



TODO - A New Group To Tell Open Source Programmers   Wednesday 17 September

A new group, which currently includes big hitters like Facebook, Google, Twitter and GitHub, aims to tell open sourcers how to do it better.



New Downloads For Raspberry Pi   Tuesday 16 September

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced new releases of its OS Raspbian and the installer software that helps users to get started, NOOBS.



Robot Cheetah Runs Free   Tuesday 16 September

This may not be the robot cat you were wishing for, but it is impressive and the stuff nightmares could be populated by.



NetBeans IDE 8.0.1   Tuesday 16 September

The NetBeans Team has released an updated to NetBeans 8.0, with enhancements to features relating to HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.



Twitter Mobile Developer Conference   Monday 15 September

Twitter as scheduled its first annual mobile developer conference. Called Twitter Flight, the event takes place in San Francisco and the cost per delegate is just $140.



Intel's New Edison Is As Small As A Postage Stamp   Monday 15 September

It is difficult not to see the Edison and think "Arduino killer" and perhaps for some applications "Raspberry Pi killer". In fact it has a place in the low cost tiny system ecology all of its own.



Google Cloud Platform For Startups   Monday 15 September

Google seems to be pursuing a "catch 'em while they are young" strategy by offering a good deal to startups for using its Cloud Platform.



Students Flocking to Computer Science   Sunday 14 September

Harvard's, the school's Introduction to Computer Science course for undergrads, has attracted record numbers of students this semester.



Programmers' Day - Let's Celebrate   Saturday 13 September

For the I Programmer team, every day of the year is a programmer's day. But the recognized Programmer's Day is the 256th day of the year and in most years that's September 13th.



Facebook Quickstarts   Friday 12 September

Facebook has added an easier way to integrate apps with the Facebook interface.



Microsoft has an APIphany   Friday 12 September

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure API Management service.



Android Apps On Chrome   Thursday 11 September

It has always been a strange situation that Google should have two mobile operating systems - Chrome and Android. Surely it only ever needed one? Now at least we have some unity in that at last Chrome OS can run Android apps in native mode. At least, it can run some Android apps.



Java And C++ At All Time Low   Thursday 11 September

Yes it's the TIOBE index again, but before you dismiss it as nonsense consider the relative changes in the most popular languages. Something is afoot!



NLUlite  An NLP Database   Thursday 11 September

A new natural language parsing database that reads English texts and can then answer questions about them has been released as a public alpha.


Professional Programmer

All About Android   Thursday 11 September

A Programmer's Bookshelf article on Android is well overdue as we have over three forty reviews of books on this subject. So we are now in a good position to pick the best books for developer's with differing backgrounds and requirements.



ABC - The 1st Computer?   Tuesday 16 September

If you are at all interested in the history of the computer you can't help but debate the question of who actually invented the first machine?






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