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Friday, 11 September 2015

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September 3 -9

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How Is Edge Doing?   Wednesday 09 September

Microsoft is being accused of using unfair and underhand tactics to promote the adoption of its new edge browser at the expense of others. Even so the latest statistics reveal almost no one is using Edge.



Firefox, Chrome & Opera Block Access To Routers   Wednesday 09 September

Due to a heavy-handed approach to security Firefox, Chrome and Opera are causing problems. They block access to routers with inadequate SSL reporting the cryptic message, "Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key". 



DNX Arrives With ASP.NET 5 Beta7   Wednesday 09 September

The latest beta of ASP.NET 5, recently released by Microsoft, includes the first public preview of the .NET Execution Environment (DNX) for Mac and Linux based on .NET Core.



Mozilla Thimble Relaunched As Teaching Resource   Tuesday 08 September

If you want an interactive introduction to HTML and CSS, take a look at the new version of Mozilla Thimble.



Video Codec Consortium Proposed   Tuesday 08 September

Some prominent companies in the software industry are working towards a single standard for encoding and decoding video.



Raspberry Pi Gets Its Official Touch Screen   Tuesday 08 September

The official Pi touch display is available now and it is only $60. Why do we pay so much for other types of hardware?



Buddy Social Robot Is 500% Funded   Monday 07 September

What is it about social robots that makes them so attractive? The latest is Buddy as its Indegogo campaign is coming to a close with over $500,000 pledged - 500% over the inital goal.



Self Driving Vehicles Go Public   Monday 07 September

MIT has tested a fleet of self-driving golf carts in a large public garden in Singapore. Meanwhile Google reveals that the problem with introducing self-driving vehicles comes mainly from humans behaving badly. 



Steve Wozniak On Education, Engineering & Apple   Sunday 06 September

In a set of three ten-minute videos Steve Wozniak reveals how he became interested in electronics at elementary school and that he designed and built the Apple II as a personal project.



Robot Killer To Defend Great Barrier Reef   Saturday 05 September

Researchers in Australia have developed a robot submarine that can identify the crown of thorn sea stars that destroy coral reefs and deliver a lethal injection.



jQuery And Dojo Foundations To Merge   Friday 04 September

This is a story that is difficult to fathom and it raises far more questions than it answers. The jQuery and Dojo foundations are indeed merging, but what exactly this means is a puzzle. 



JetBrains Toolbox - An Unwelcome Change   Friday 04 September

JetBrains has announced that it is moving to a subscription service for its range of desktop developer tools, which it is bringing together as JetBrains Toolbox. The response from its users has been overwhelmingly negative. Will this be enough to make JetBrains think twice?



RAD 10 for Win 10   Thursday 03 September

Embarcadero has released the latest version of RAD Studio with support for Windows 10.  



New Custom Chrome Tabs Link App And Web   Thursday 03 September

The problem of integrating web use and app use for Android is a difficult one. Do you hand off to Chrome or use WebView. Now you can make the integration between Chrome and your app close enough not to need to spend time on WebView implemenation.


Babbage's Bag

Principles Of MP3   Tuesday 08 September

MP3 is just a file format for audio files but judging by the revolution in the way music is listened to since it was introduced you might think it was much more and in a sense it is.




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