October Week 2
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Saturday, 17 October 2015


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 October 8-15 2015



Allen Institute Asks "Can You Make An AI Smarter Than An 8th Grader"   Wednesday 14 October

Of course, the answer is "no, not yet". However, the difficulty of the task is lowered a bit by the restriction to multiple choice questions from a standardized 8th grade science exam. 



OSS University - A Free Computer Science Degree Curriculum   Wednesday 14 October

Open Source Society is an initiative on GitHub to devise a complete curriculum for studying computer science using courses from prestigious universities in your own time and for free.



Study Finds 87% Of Androids Insecure   Wednesday 14 October

A research study has revealed that 87% of Android devices are vulnerable to attack by malicious apps and messages. It attributes blame for this state of affairs to manufacturers failing to provide regular security updates.



Amazon Inspector For Security Compliance   Tuesday 13 October

Amazon has released an automated security assessment service that you can use to improve the security and compliance of applications deployed on AWS. It is currently in preview and by invitation only.



Intel And SparkFun Edison Webinar   Tuesday 13 October

Intel and SparkFun are running a "Bright Ideas" webinar tomorrow to introduce the potential offered by the Edison Board and SparkFun blocks.



Computer Science Officially US STEM Subject   Monday 12 October

President Obama has signed into law a bill that expands the definition of STEM to include Computer Science. This represents a step forward in the push to get CS into the school curriculum in the United States.



Fayde - Silverlight In JavaScript   Monday 12 October

There are programmers who think that Silverlight was an approach to creating web apps that put the desktop into the browser in the way in should be done. Microsoft killed Silverlight mainly for reasons of internal politics and because browser add-ins were getting a bad name. Now we have Fayde. which is Siverlight in JavaScript. What's to not like?



Webinar For Intel RealSense Experience   Monday 12 October

Intel's RealSense technology opens up new ways for users to interact with their computers. To see what other developers have already achieved, sign up for a webinar taking place on October 14.



Is This Your Next Major Phone Platform?   Sunday 11 October

Robotics is a nightmarish world filled by robot snakes, terminators and ... phones that can run away from you. This is no joke. A phone as a bipedal robot is Sharp's latest invention and soon to be product. Could this be the personal assistant we have all been waiting for?



Simulating the Turing-Welchman Bombe With A Pi   Saturday 10 October

If you are looking for a weekend software/hardware project how about buidling your own working replica of that most iconic of machines, the Turing Bombe?  Simon Jensen's reverse engineering project uses C++, a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino.



Amazon Introduces Quicksight - Cloud BI   Friday 09 October

Amazon has announced a preview of its new cloud-powered business intelligence service that’s designed to be easy to use and much cheaper than traditional BI solutions.



Pivot Turns To Wearables   Friday 09 October

GE is continuing its push to encourage developers to create applications for the Industrial Internet of Things, with Pivot , a podcast series about the real opportunity of the Industrial Internet. Having looked at drones, it now puts the spotlight on wearables.



Perl 6 Unveiled   Thursday 08 October

After more than a decade in preparation, Perl 6 is near to being launched. Its new features were unveiled by Perl creator Larry Wall at an event in San Fransisco on October 6.



Google Speeds Up Mobile HTML With AMP   Thursday 08 October

Google has stepped into the web arena once again with AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is built on HTML and associated standards and the way that it achieves its speed up is to do more with less. 


The Core

Getting Started With jQuery - Advanced Ajax To The Client   Monday 12 October

An Ajax request is a two-way interaction. Some data is sent to the server and the server sends some data back to the client.  In this chapter we look at the problems of sending data to the client from the server  using the low level Ajax method.



Android Adventures - ListView And Adapters   Thursday 08 October

ListView is probably the most commonly used and needed UI components in an Android app. It isn't difficult to use, but you need to get to grips with the idea of an "adapter" and understanding what is going on pays dividends.




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