November Week 2
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Saturday, 14 November 2015

I Programmer reports news of interest to developers. We cover new releases of languages and tools and a lot more besides. Sometimes we are controversial and we always welcome your comments. 

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November 5 - 11 

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Top CS MOOCs By the Numbers   Wednesday 11 November

Online Course report has compiled a list of the 50 Most Popular MOOCs and exactly half of them come into the Computer Science category.



TensorFlow - Googles Open Source AI And Computation Engine   Wednesday 11 November

Google has open sourced a tool that can be used for a wide range of parallel computations, including implementing neural networks and other AI learning methods.



Amazon Reports Underground Success   Tuesday 10 November

The selection of free apps and games available on Amazon Underground, its Android app, has tripled in the two months since its launch. The novel monetization model has also proved a success with some high profile game developers. 



The Allen Institute's Semantic Scholar   Tuesday 10 November

A new tool has been launched, one that applies the power of AI to searching through scienctific papers.



PyPy 4.0 Released   Tuesday 10 November

PyPy 4.0.0 has been released, bringing a major update for the Python interpreter and JIT compiler. The new version adds SIMD vectorization support on x86, and improved functionality of numpy among other improvements.



New Tools In NetBeans IDE 8.1   Monday 09 November

The latest version of the NetBeans IDE has been released with new tools for HTML5/JavaScript and support for mixed Java/C++ development.



Project Oxford Extends Reach   Monday 09 November

Microsoft Research has provided a public beta of LUIS, Language Understanding Intelligent Service, the fourth element of Project Oxford. Meanwhile beta versions of the other three SDKs are now available on GitHub.



How Many Developer Millionaires?   Saturday 07 November

Do you expect to make a million dollars from your apps? Do you think millionaire status is the preserve of a tiny number of devs? Or do you think the app stores live up to their promise of enabling thousands of devs to make their fortunes?



Is Real Reality The Next Big Thing?   Saturday 07 November

Drones and VR-like techniques could bring us real reality rather than just the boring old virtual kind. In fact, given VR hasn't ever really managed to take off, perhaps these drones will.



The Computer Science Breakthrough Of The Decade   Friday 06 November

It might sound overly dramatic, and when you discover what it is you might want to use the term "esoteric", but the discovery of a quasipolynomial time algorithm for the graph isomorphism problem is interesting and important.



JetBrains Launches Subscription Model Toolbox   Friday 06 November

JetBrains has released JetBrains Toolbox, a collection of desktop tools including a new IDE for developers who work with SQL and databases.



Microsoft And Red Hat To Bring .NET To Linux   Thursday 05 November

It seems there is no shortage of .NET related news as the moment. As part of a general agreement to work together on Linux-related projects, Microsoft and Red Hat are making .NET available on RedHat Linux.



Computational Thinking For Kids   Thursday 05 November

The Bebras Challenge 2015, intended to introduce school students as young as 8 to computational problem solving, takes place from November 9 to 22. Registration is open until November 8, so teachers should sign up now to take part. You can, however, try the Practice Challenge without registering.



Atom 1.1 Released   Thursday 05 November

GitHub has released a new version of its Atom editor with the addition of live Markdown preview, better character measurement, fonts with ligatures and variable width fonts.


The Core

Getting Started With jQuery - Advanced Ajax Transports   Monday 09 November

One of the interesting things about jQuery's approach to Ajax is that it can be extended in many ways. In the previous chapter we discovered that you can use converters to create your own data types, but jQuery lets you go much further - you can create your own custom transport types.  



SQL Workshop's Having Clause With NULLs   Thursday 05 November

SQL Workshop is where we confront real world scenarios that SQL devs face on a day to day basis, especially when having to maintain legacy systems. This one looks at the problem of handling partially delivered orders.




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