August Week 4
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Saturday, 03 September 2016

As we move from August to September, the team at IProgrammer continues to monitor the news feeds to bring developers the important stories, together with the fun and interesting ones we come across.


August 25 - 31, 2016

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Docker Comes To Pi - It's Official   Wednesday 31 August

Docker is either a revolution about to happen or something that will fizzle out quite soon. Having an official presence on the Raspberry Pi might be another step to dominance. 



HackerRank Reveals Where To Find Programming Talent   Wednesday 31 August

Where in the world are the best programmers? HackerRank, the largest online learning and competition community for programmers with a global reach has the answer. 



Restlet Streamlines DevOps Workflows   Tuesday 30 August

There's a new version of Restlet Studio that offers better collaboration for DevOps teams.



IoT Developers Gaining In Experience   Tuesday 30 August

Vision Mobile's latest State of the Developer Nation Report notes a new phase in the IoT market and the maturity of the developers who are engaged in it.



Yet Another (ASP.NET MVC) Web Framework   Monday 29 August

YetaWF is a brand new open source product licensed under GPL 3 that  assumes multiple personalities as a web framework, a CMS and an Admin panel.



New Preview for VS 15   Monday 29 August

The latest preview of Visual Studio 15 has been released with a smaller and faster installation.



Unique Apple I Sold At Auction   Sunday 28 August

The "Celebration" Apple I is thought to have been a early prototype - possibly the first. The online auction organised by Charitybuzz was expected to raise $1 million, but the winning bid was $815,000.



Artificial Intelligence in Pokémons' Service   Saturday 27 August

Even AI cannot escape Pokémons Go's viral craze after Human Intelligence readily submitted.That's all due to a bright idea of combining IBM's Watson AI with the gameplay of Pokémon Go.



New Tutorial Tool in Komodo IDE 10.1   Friday 26 August

ActiveState has released an update to its multi-language IDE. In addition to expanded support for AngularJS and GulpJS, Komodo 10.1 lets you create custom programming tutorials.



New StreetView Renderer For Google Maps API   Thursday 25 August

A new street view renderer has been added to the Google Maps JavaScript API with improvements aimed particularly at apps for mobile devices.



The Weekly Top 10: Mainly Magento   Thursday 25 August

In this week's round up of posts from external blog's you'll find Magento is a recurrent focus, with Shopify also making its presense felt. Drupal and Wordpress also get a mention.



Windows UWP Community Toolkit   Thursday 25 August

An open-source toolkit that lets you build UWP apps for Windows 10 devices has been released by Microsoft. The Windows UWP Community Toolkit can be used to create apps for PC, Mobile, Xbox, IoT and HoloLens.


The Core

Serial C And The Raspberry Pi   Monday 29 August

Programming a serial interface using C is becoming increasingly important as embedded programming for the IoT takes off. Many small devices use a serial connection,  Find out how easy Linux makes accessing the serial interface.



Android Adventures - Building The UI 2.2   Thursday 25 August

If you've been reading Android Adventures, at this point you understand how the Activity and the View fit together to create a simple application, but the Android UI is more complicated than most because of its need to cope with a range of very different screen sizes and orientations. In this chapter, now updated to Android Studio Version 2.2, we look at the problem of layout and working with the UI framework. On the way we build a calculator app.




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