September Week 3
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Saturday, 24 September 2016

We've expanded I Programmer news coverage by adding the items we find interesting but which don't require any input from the team. Look out for //No Comment for undigested news in this weekly digest, many of them with multiple items.

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 September 15 - 21, 2016


Book Review of the Week

Rated 4 out of 5 by Mike James who concluded:

While this has ".NET Core" on the cover, the treatment is much like a traditional book on C# with some information on creating WUP apps. My main problem with this book is that it is too big. It is really two or three books trying to get out. You can say that covering so much means that there is bound to be something of use, but it also means there is a lot you will never read.   



Salesforce Launches AI Einstein   Wednesday 21 September

Saleforce has shown off a wrapper for its CRM products that uses AI and machine learning to improve recommendations, choosing to unveil it and other innovations this week, rather than waiting for the Dreamforce Conference next month.



Android Studio 2.2 Now Available For All   Wednesday 21 September

After months of previews, betas and Release Candidates Android Studio 2.1 is now generally available and we will all move to the new version as a matter of course. But for those who adopted the early previews it might seem like a step backwards.



//No Comment - Vim And EMACs   Wednesday 21 September

• Vim 8.0 Released!

• Emacs 25.1 Released



Unity Connect 2016   Tuesday 20 September

The Unity Connect conference is happening again this November with a great mix of sessions on SharePoint and Office 365. The conference and workshops run from 16 to 18 November, and in addition to SharePoint and Office 365, there are sessions on Exchange, Skype and Azure. 



Your Android Could Leak Data Via USB Charging   Tuesday 20 September

Security researchers have invented a way to get data out of any mobile device using nothing but a USB charging point without the need for a serial connection or any special permissions.



Ellison Claims Oracle Cloud Beats Amazon   Monday 19 September

Amazon's lead in cloud computing is officially over. Or so Oracle CTO Larry Ellison would have us believe. Oracle is also entering the bot arena.



Desktop Bridge Takes Win32 Apps Into The Windows Store   Monday 19 September

This has the feel of a "come into my parlour said the spider to the fly" story. Desktop Bridge is an opportunity but it is also an invitation to accept a walled garden approach to software.



GraphQL Leaves Tech Preview   Monday 19 September

Facebook has removed the 'technical preview' tag from GraphQL and relaunched



//No Comment - Super Resolution   Sunday 18 September

In this no comment we focus on the growing technique of super-resolution. The idea is simple take a low resolution photo and scale it up with more pixels. The surprising thing is that it is possible to fill in more of the missing data than you might imagine using neural networks.



//No Comment - Speech Recognition Milestone, Stealing ML Models & Better TensorFlow   Saturday 17 September

• Microsoft researchers achieve speech recognition milestone

• Stealing Machine Learning Models via Prediction APIs

• Improving Inception and Image Classification in TensorFlow



Oracle Proposes That NetBeans Move To Apache UPDATE   Friday 16 September

Our new item on September 14 that Oracle was asking the Apache Software Foundation to accept NetBeans into the Apache Foundation led to a welcome repsonse from Oracle to reassure us that it will continue to support the project for at least two releases.



JDK 9 Release Slips Again   Friday 16 September

Java developers are going to have to wait a bit longer for JDK 9 - four months longer, in fact. If you're thinking that this sounds familiar, that's because Oracle has already moved the release date from this month to next March. The new delay will take the release date through to sometime in July 2017.  



//No Comment - Python 3.6.0 Beta 1   Friday 16 September

Python 3.6.0 Beta 1 Is here



Devpost Diversifies Into Developer Jobs   Friday 16 September

Devpost, which is known to developers for running contests and hackathons, both online and in person now has a recruiting platform built exclusively for software developers. At the moment it is only in New York City, but there are plan to expand to other cities.



Angular 2.0.0 Launched   Thursday 15 September

Angular has reinvented itself from the ground up in the form of Angular 2.0.0 launched today in a special meetup at Google HQ. Now all we have to do is forget Angular 1.



GitHub Platform and Community Improvements   Thursday 15 September

At its second annual Universe Conference, taking place in San Francisco, GitHub announced new tools and community features that will make building software easier and promote participation and collaboration.



//No Comment - Swift 3, Faster Parallel & Ruby 2.4.0   Thursday 15 September

Members of the IProgrammer team each have their own favorite languages and we try to keep up with all the latest developments. These are the most recent three and as we have nothing to add they are presented with //No Comment.

•Swift 3.0 Released!

•Faster parallel computing

•Ruby 2.4.0-preview2 Released


The Core

Deep C# - Anonymous Methods, Lambdas And Closures   Monday 19 September

Anonymous methods aren't particularly new, but they have hidden depths and lead on to lambdas and the idea of a closure. These are all important ideas in modern programming.



Taming Regular Expressions   Friday 16 September

Despite their power, regular expressions come with their own challenges. First of all, they have a tendency to quickly become unreadable, so that understanding them becomes a matter of deobfuscation. Furthermore learning how to use them involves a steep curve as they've always been difficult to master.






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