September Week 4
Saturday, 01 October 2016

We've expanded I Programmer news coverage by adding the items we find interesting but which don't require any input from the team. Look out for //No Comment for undigested news in this weekly digest, many of them with multiple items.

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 September 22 - 28, 2016


Book Review of the Week


Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Kay Ewbank who concluded:


I liked this book; it gives a good introduction to the Hadoop ecosystem, concentrating on the analysis side and mainly ignoring the day-to-day administration.The descriptions are good, not too long-winded. The authors give pointers to places where you can read more, so you don't miss out where they give an overview rather than a detailed explanation. The Python examples are good, and used well to explain ideas. Perhaps the most useful part of the book is the final chapter where they show how to do an entire analytic workflow from start to finish. Well worth a read.



GitHub Octoverse Reveals The State Of Open Source   Wednesday 28 September

Ahead of its Universe conference this month, GitHub published a fascinating annual report. The headline that attracted most attention outlets is that Microsoft is the organization with the most open source contributors. Here we look at what else it tells us.



Mozilla Removes Firefox OS Code From Gecko   Wednesday 28 September

Firefox OS is a lesson in over-reaching. Mozilla thought that open source, real open source not the approximation that Google serves up with Android, could take over the mobile world. It didn't and the slow train-wreck continues. 



//No Comment - HVM, Bash & CoffeeScript   Wednesday 28 September

• Facebook's PHP/HACK VM - HVM 3.15 

• Bash-4.4 Release available 

• CoffeeScript 1.11.0



More Professional Data Science Training   Tuesday 27 September

MIT Professional Education is launching a new online Data Science course next week. This adds to the existing range of options available to those in the data science field who want a credential that can help further their careers. 



Oracle Introduces Low-Code Cloud Dev Platform   Tuesday 27 September

Oracle has announced a cloud-based, low-code development platform called Project Visual Code.



CouchDB Adds Clustering Support   Monday 26 September

Apache CouchDB 2.0 has been released with native support for clustering.



//No Comment - Fighting Bots,Open Source Image Captioning & An Open Source Deep Face Recognition SDK   Monday 26 September

• Even Good Bots Fight

• Show and Tell: image captioning open sourced in TensorFlow

• VIPLFaceNet: An Open Source Deep Face Recognition SDK



Ghost Minitaur - The Springy Robot   Sunday 25 September

Ghost Minitaur is a clever design for a robot and it is great fun to watch. You can buy one for even more fun. 



Throw A Paper Plane Around The World And Catch One!   Saturday 24 September

Is this VR, AR or something else? The Google blog explaining the idea doesn't seem clear on the matter either. It all starts with a simple thought, "What if you could throw a paper plane from one screen to another?"



//No Comment - New Coursera Specializations   Saturday 24 September

Coursera has some new Computer Science and Data Science specializations ready to roll from next week.



TypeScript 2.0 Adds Null, Undefined And Never   Friday 23 September

TypeScript 2.0 has been released with support for new data types including Null and Undefined. 



The Weekly Top 10: PHP Web Development Resources   Friday 23 September

PHP is the topic of this week's round up of blog posts. We have a cheat sheat for upgrading from 5.x to PHP 7, a couple of reports of the improved performance you can expect from doing so and multiple framework comparisons. In short loads to digest for the PHP developer.



//No Comment - Samba 4.5, Wine 1.9.19 & Gnome 3.22   Friday 23 September

• Samba 4.5 Released


• Wine 1.9.19 Released


• GNOME 3.22 released



//No Comment - Ceylon 1.3 & Julia 0.5.0   Thursday 22 September

• Ceylon 1.3.0 Released


• Julia Release 0.5.0 Available



Get Up To Speed With iOS 10 with Udemy   Thursday 22 September

iPhone 7 is now available bring with it iOS 10, so if you haven't already done so, learning it is a must. Udemy has three courses that will help you whether you're just starting on your freelance journey or you're a seasoned app developer.



Take A Deep Dive Into Development   Thursday 22 September

There are still places available for SDD Deep Dive 2016, a set of 3-day workshops taking place concurrently in London from November to . Book your place before midnight tomorrow to save £200.


The Core

How Will AI Transform Life By 2030? Initial Report   Monday 26 September

The panel of experts tackling "The One-Hundred Year Study of Artificial Intelligence" attempts to address this question in an in-depth report that reviews the advancements and benefits as well as challenges that this technology heralds.



Javascript Data Structures - a collection object   Thursday 22 September

Javascript has some good basic facilities for implementing data structures without too much effort. In this article the data structure under review is the collection, including an enumerator.







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