October Week 2
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Saturday, 15 October 2016

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 October 6-12, 2016




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Online Training For IoT Development   Wednesday 12 October

The Internet of Things is an emerging technology which makes it both topical and hard to pin down. You can obtain completely different viewpoints according to which MOOC you choose. So it is worth surveying the field 



Yarn The New JavaScript Package Manager   Wednesday 12 October

Facebook and Google are the best known names behind the creation and release of the new open source JavaScript package manager Yarn, which is intended as a replacement for the npm package manager. 



R Gets Notebooks & TensorFlow   Tuesday 11 October

It seems that most languages need a notebook format and now R has its very own and a new connection to TensorFlow. What more could an up and coming language require to be fully modern?



UPDATE Fear And Loathing in The App Store 16 - App Store Income Dashed With No Appeal   Saturday 01 October

UPDATE: Someone isn't telling the truth, but that isn't really the issue. If you've already read the original news story, scroll to the bottom of the news item to decide whether Apple or Popescu has right on their side. Whichever it is, the underhand and clandestine machinations and the lack of a proper appeals process means that the developer can never be sure of a fair trial.



Women In STEM Receive Awards On Ada Lovelace Day 2016   Tuesday 11 October

Today, October 11 2016 is being celebrated as Ada Lovelace Day with initiatives designed to raise the profile of women in science and technology.



DEVIntersection 2016   Monday 10 October

DEVintersection Europe is back in Haarlem with an impressive lineup of Microsoft experts and industry gurus.



//No Comment - Notepad++ 7, GDB 7.12, VS C++ Additions   Monday 10 October

• Notepad++ Release 7 - 64-bit available

• GDB 7.12 released

• Visual Studio C++ adds Open Folder and CMake



//No Comment - Cardboard Camera, Image Compression With NN & Anemia Detection   Sunday 09 October

• Capture and share VR photos with Cardboard Camera, now on iOS

• Image Compression with Neural Networks

• How to Make a Smartphone Detect Anemia



Udacity's Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree   Friday 07 October

Udacity in perfect sync with the latest industry advancements, finds itself once more at the forefront of  cutting edge technology, by launching a brand new Nanodegree on the Engineering of Self-Driving cars.



Microsoft Launches Cloud Fuzzing Service   Friday 07 October

Microsoft has announced, Project Springfield, a cloud-based service that you can use to test binaries for security weaknesses before you deploy them.



Visual Studio 15 Preview 5   Thursday 06 October

Microsoft has just announced Visual Studio 15 Preview 5. In case you are confused "15" is the next version of Visual Studio.



The Weekly Top 10 eCommerce Development Resources   Thursday 06 October

eCommerce, in particular Shopify and Bigcommerce, is the focus of this week's trawl through the web to bring you items of interest that we've not had chance to cover in our daily attempts to cover programming news. 


Professional Programmer

Udemy's Angular 2-The Complete Guide Course Review   Monday 10 October

Let me begin by saying that "Angular 2 - The Complete Guide"  stays true to its title,  taking no shortcuts and going full on from A-Z, from setting up the environment to full scale deployment.



Java Data Types - Numeric Data   Thursday 06 October

After looking at some of the advanced ideas of classes and objects, we need to return to some simpler topics to make our understanding complete. We need to look more closely at data and, to get things moving, numeric data. 




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