October Week 4
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Saturday, 29 October 2016

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 October 20 - 26, 2016


Book Reviews

Both of this week's titles have a 5-star rating from Mike James: 


 This is a fascinating book to read if only to feel, and share, the author's pain at the loss of a good focused technology being replaced by something that resembles a mess...Is there any point in using Microsoft web technologies? If there is then this book will sell you the new dream.



If you want to create more efficient C++ programs then this book is a must and it's a good read if you just want to broaden your knowledge of C++. 



Microsoft C++/WinRT   Wednesday 26 October

Microsoft has had a problem about how to make Universal Windows Apps easy to create from C++. The initial approach was to modify the language but this has now been dropped in favour of adding a library to standard C++. 



Taking Code to the Classroom   Wednesday 26 October

This year's Hour of Code is fast approaching and now it and Computer Science Education Week, next happening December 5 - 11, 2016, appear to be fixtures in the school year. But Code.org has achieved much more than just a 60-minute taster for Computer Science.



dbForge Studio With Better Search   Tuesday 25 October

There's a new version of  dbForge Studio for Oracle with redesigned object editors and database search.  



//No Comment - CSS, Social Media & Fourier Transform   Tuesday 25 October

• New course on edX: CSS Introduction

• Why We Post: the Anthropology of Social Media

• EE261 - The Fourier Transform and its Applications



Disney Establishes Open Source Program   Monday 24 October

The news here isn't that Disney has just open sourced some of its software projects. Rather it has set up a website to draw attention to projects that have in the past been open sourced, presumably with the aim of attracting new contributors.



//No Comment - Picat Wins $10K, Nim 0.15.2 & Rosie Pattern Language   Monday 24 October

• Picat wins 10K prize at Media Lab Summit

• Nim 0.15.2 released

• Rosie Pattern Language 0.99f



SQLite 3.15 Adds Row Value Support   Monday 24 October

SQLite 3.15 is now available with support for row values, support for deterministic SQL functions in the WHERE clause of a partial index and the ability to VACUUM an attached database.



European Astro Pi Challenge   Sunday 23 October

The European Space Agency (ESA) is inviting teams of students who are 16 years old and younger to run science experiments run on the International Space Station (ISS).



Rovables - Wearables That Crawl All Over You   Saturday 22 October

This is probably not what you think of when wearable computing is mentioned, but it's a really interesting idea and perhaps once we get over the shock and creepiness factor it will be the breakthrough needed to make our clothes intelligent. 



SparklyR - An R Interface For Spark   Friday 21 October

The team behind R Studio has announced sparklyr, a new package that provides an interface between R and Apache Spark.



October Restarts For Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Algorithms   Friday 21 October

If you missed an interesting MOOC the first time around, or started it and didn't finish, you are likely to get a second chance if you stay tuned. Here's a mixed bag of highly recommended classes that are now available for study.



//No Comment - Thonny IDE 2.0, VisualVM Updated & XTREE Code Reorganization   Thursday 20 October

• Thonny IDE 2.0 released

• VisualVM 1.3.9 Released

• XTREE Code Reorganization



Bedrock Topper For SQLite   Thursday 20 October

A networking and distributed transaction layer, called Bedrock, based on SQLite has been 'opened to the public' by Expensify.


The Core

Peachpie Open Source PHP to .NET Compiler   Monday 24 October

Peachpie is a new open source PHP language to .NET compiler, which aims at full PHP 7 compatibility. Looking at it gave us the opportunity  to revisit the state of dynamic language interoperability on the .NET platform and consider the practical advantages that arise out of this atypical symbiosis of dynamic and static languages under the same  roof.



Android Adventures - Events   Thursday 20 October

Working with Android Studio 2 makes building the UI easy with an interactive editor, but you still need to find out how to handle the things it isn't quite so good at. In this chapter we look at the general event handling - i.e beyond the onClick property that we have used so far. 



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