October Week 5
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Saturday, 05 November 2016

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  October 27 -  November 2, 2016 


Book Reviews



 Giving this book a rating of 4 out of a possible 5 stars, Kay Ewbank concluded her review:

I found this book to be useful, practical, more generally relevant than I'd expected, and a lot more readable. 



This is a free Kindle title from Microsoft Press. Ian Stirk awarded it a rating of 4.8, concluding:

This book aims to introduce you to the salient new and enhanced features in SQL Server 2016, and succeeds easily. It is generally easy to read, with useful explanations, tips, example code, diagrams, and links for further information.



Microsoft Ditches Fitness Band SDK   Wednesday 02 November

Microsoft is backing out of the fitness band market, and has also discontinued its Band SDK.



Neural Networks Have A Universal Flaw   Wednesday 02 November

It was recently discovered that neural networks have a flaw that leads them into errors that look stupid to a human. It seems there is a way of modifying any image so that it looks the same to us, but all neural networks will tend to misclassify it. This is the most amazing result AI has produced and we need to find out what it means.



Google Languages Update - Blockly, GWT & Dart   Wednesday 02 November

Over the years Google has come up with a lot of languages that it has handed over to the open source community. There have been recent updates to three of them, Blockly, GWT and Dart, all of which occupy distinct niches.



ActiveState Extends to Ruby, Node.js, Go and Lua   Tuesday 01 November

ActiveState has announced the upcoming availability of ActiveRuby, ActiveNode, ActiveGo, and ActiveLua. These new releases will have free versions for the open source community, plus professional distributions for enterprise users.



WebAssemby Another Milestone   Tuesday 01 November

WebAssembly is most likely the next step for programs running in the browser and it is inching forward towards a release. The latest step is a coordinated preview in Chrome, Firefox and Edge, only leaving the question of where is Apple's Safari? What does WebAssembly mean for the future?



Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Version 2.0 Beta   Monday 31 October

The open source Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit has a new website together with the first beta of Version 2.0. Previously known as CNTK is sets out to be a commercial-grade toolkit for training deep learning algorithms to learn like the human brain and is already breaking records.



\\No Comment - Influence of Pokémon Go on Physical Activity & The Statistical Mechanics of Human Weight Change   Monday 31 October

• Influence of Pokémon Go on Physical Activity

• The Statistical Mechanics of Human Weight Change



Passive Haptic Learning - The No Effort Way To Learn   Sunday 30 October

It is a dream that one day we can learn new skills by being plugged into a computer. We might have a way to do it without the plugging in. Simply being tapped by a computer might help you learn manual skils. 



Zooids Zoom Around Your Desktop   Saturday 29 October

Zooids are your new user interface and I for one welcome our new UI overlords... The idea of using swarm robots to implement physical user interfaces isn't completely new but Zooids are a new take.



Rewritten Search For NPM 4.0   Friday 28 October

 The latest version of NPM has been released with some breaking changes, a rewritten search, and deprecated prepublish.



//No Comment - Cesium For Time-Series, Google Weather Data & Kissing Cuisines   Friday 28 October

• cesium: Open-Source Platform for Time-Series Inference 

• Global Historical Daily Weather Data now available in BigQuery 

• Kissing Cuisines: Exploring Worldwide Culinary Habits on the Web



Artificial Intelligence Engineer Nanodegree From Udacity   Thursday 27 October

In its pursuit to establish itself as a synonym to Training in AI, Udacity is looking to expand on the success of its Self Driving Car Engineer Nanodgree by launching a new offering with a more general outlook and widespread reach. 



The Weekly Top 10: More AngularJS Web Development Resources   Thursday 27 October

Rather than an open source JavaScript Framework for the creation of single page applications (SPAs), AngularJS is in most people's minds the JS framework for this task. This collection of blog posts prove its popularity.


The Core

jQuery 3 - Creating & Modifying The DOM   Monday 31 October

jQuery provides you with methods for working with the DOM in ways powerful enough to allow you to create complete pages or custom controls that extend what you can incorporate into an HTML page. You aren't just limited to changing what is already there, you can create it from scratch.   



JavaScript Data Structures - The Associative Array   Thursday 27 October

The whole of the JavaScript language is built on one central data structure - the associative array. Objects in JavaScript are just associative arrays and this causes a lot of confusion at first. But the fact of the matter is that the associative array is used to build every other type of data structure in JavaScript.




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