November Week 1
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Saturday, 12 November 2016

We've expanded I Programmer news coverage by adding the items we find interesting but which don't require much if any input from the team using a //No Comment headline and putting together three loosely related pieces of news. You'll still find our views expressed in other news.

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November 3 -9, 2016 

Book Reviews



 Giving this book a rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars, Ian Stirk concluded:

Overall, if you want a quick, concise, honest, practical, and comprehensive overview of Scrum, I recommend you buy this book.



Mike James awarded this book from Pragmatic Bookshelf  a rating of 4.5, concluding:

... good book if you want to read around the topic rather than solve a specific problem. For this it is highly recommended. 



//No Comment - TDD, C++ Lambdas & Agile Under Scrutiny   Wednesday 09 November

• Test-Driven Development

• An empirical study on the impact of C++ lambdas and programmer experience

• Software Quality - Traditional vs. Agile: an Empirical Investigation



Deep Mind and StarCraft II For Reinforcement Learning   Wednesday 09 November

After Go where is Google's Deep Mind going next? One answer is into virtual warfare with the the real time strategy game StarCraft II a galactic, interspecies, struggle for dominance.



RStudio Adds SparklyR Support   Wednesday 09 November

Version 1 of RStudio, the IDE for R, is now officially released. The new version, which is the 10th major release since its initial launch in 2011, has integrated support for the sparklyR package and authoring tools for R Notebooks. 



1950’s Celebrity Robot George Embarks On World Tour   Tuesday 08 November

George the Robot, built in the 1950's by Tony Sale, has temporarily left the UK's National Museum of Computing on Bletchley Park to join a new Science Museum exhibition exploring the 500-year story of humanoid robots.



Gain A Competitive Edge With Uber's Driver API   Tuesday 08 November

A new sort of API, invokable by 3rd party consumers and carrying brand new functionality, finds its way to Uber's repository's already rich collection of APIs and Uber is offering developers beta access.



HTML 5.1 Is Here   Monday 07 November

When you think back to the days when HTML 5 was the exciting new technology that was going to save us all, it is something of a shock to realize that HTML 5.1 slips in almost unnoticed as an official web standard on 1st November. 



Windows 10 Stalls   Monday 07 November

Microsoft might be regretting not finding a good reason to extend the period of free upgrade to Windows 10. Window 10's share of the desktop market has actually shrunk a little in the last couple of months while Windows 7 has recovered its share.



Exploding RoboSimian - What 96 Batteries Can Do   Sunday 06 November

Footage has recently been released by Nasa of a fireball caused while charging a set of new batteries in RoboSimian, a rescue robot built for the Darpa Robotics Challenge. The robot was completely destroyed and the event could have been lethal had humans been present.



Intel Wants To Replace Fireworks By Drones   Saturday 05 November

Today is Guy Fawkes Day in the UK and other parts of the world with thousands of firework displays taking place. But is the writing on the wall for gunpowder and the blue touchpaper? Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is of the opinion that" Drones will replace fireworks" and his company has released a timely video of 500 drones to emphasize the point.



Facebook's Yann LeCun On Everything AI   Friday 04 November

Udacity's Sebastian Thrun interviewed Facebook's Director of AI Research, Yann LeCun, in a live event that took place on November 1st. You can still catch it on Udacity's Facebook page and here a brief outline.



Android Says Goodbye To Eclipse   Friday 04 November

Android Studio is now the only official way to develop Android apps as Google abandons the Eclipse Android Developer Tools. Now at Version 2.2.2, Android Studio has matured to the point where this seems a good move.



Neural Networks Have A Universal Flaw   Friday 04 November

It was recently discovered that neural networks have a flaw that leads them into errors that look stupid to a human. It seems there is a way of modifying any image so that it looks the same to us, but all neural networks will tend to misclassify it. This is the most amazing result AI has produced. UPDATE See below for an informal explanation of what might be the cause and a possible fix.



The Weekly Top 10: Ruby On Rails Resources   Thursday 03 November

The spotlight turns to Ruby on Rails, and the recently released Rails 5, for this week's collection of posts from external blogs which we hope you'll find of interest.



Jumpstart Your Career In Game Development With Udemy   Thursday 03 November

If you dream about creating the next blockbuster game that goes viral and makes your fortune, Udemy offers two courses that could help you make a start. One introduces the Unity engine while the other targets Unreal we have a special offer for both of them.


Professional Programmer

More Monitors!   Thursday 03 November

There has been a long-running debate on whether or not multiple monitors - specifically at least two - improve programmer productivity but there are still some things worth saying.


The Core

Android App Architecture - An Overview Of Async   Monday 07 November

Android apps are surprisingly complex in their nature and they have a well developed library of classes to help you create them. Many Android programmers are so close to their subject matter that they don't have time to stand back and admire the view. In this opening chapter from our forthcoming advanced Android App Architecture book we examine the scene from 1000ft up. 




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