November Week 3
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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Catch up with the talking points of the I Programmer week. Beside the news we have reviews of two books with programming in their titles, another part of Mike James Core book on C and a reminder of why we use the term "Core" in a look back at the life of Jay Forrester.

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November 17-23, 2016  


Book Reviews


Giving this book a rating of 4 out of a possible 5 stars, MIke James concluded:

A good general, but slow, introduction to Shell scripting and if you are going to graduate to doing really useful things with it you will need a follow-on book. If you program in any other language then you need a more advanced and faster -paced book to start with. 

Awarding only a 2-star rating Harry Fairhead explained: 

Robot Programming has the feel of a book that is intended to be used to teach a course without the students ever getting their hands on a real robot or the components to make a robot. It would have been so much better if the book had selected two robot types or models and used them as specific examples. This is not a book to buy if you actually want to build or program a robot because there are so many challenges that it will not help you with at all. 



Is Windows Phone Really Dead? x86 On ARM Suggests Not   Wednesday 23 NovemberMicrosoft's mobile phone hopes surely must be well and truly dashed, but if a recent report is to be believed, perhaps not.  


Google Expands AI Research In Montreal   Wednesday 23 NovemberGoogle has announced new and extended grants for the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, under the direction of Yoshua Bengio. Adding to Montreal becoming a hub for AI and technological innovation, Google is also opening a deep learning and AI research group in its office there.  


Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit Beta Released   Wednesday 23 NovemberA public beta of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit has been released, along with general improvements for developers within Dynamics itself. 


Grace Hopper & Margaret Hamilton Honored With Presidential Medal of Freedom   Tuesday 22 NovemberTwo women programming pioneers are among 21 recipients of the United States' highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, to be awarded by President Obama at today's ceremony at the White House. 


SQL Server on Linux, Love or Calculated Move?   Tuesday 22 NovemberFive years ago, who would have imagined Microsoft's U-turn into the arms of Linux arms, especially after Microsoft referred to Linux and Open Source being synonymous with cancer? Last week it joined the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member and SQL Server on Linux is now in public preview. 


Complete SQL Bootcamp Course   Monday 21 NovemberA SQL bootcamp that starts from the very beginning is available from Udemy. While it is based around PostgreSQL, the majority of the lectures are agnostic about the dialect of SQL you're using so could apply more generally and we have an offer that makes it worth a closer look. 


Udacity Blitz From a Different Perspective   Monday 21 NovemberUdacity has announced Blitz, a labour supply service whereby its Nanodegree "graduates" can work for clients, with the potential of getting hired afterwards. 


PowerShell Replaces Command Prompt   Monday 21 NovemberMicrosoft has replaced the long standing command prompt with PowerShell, which puts .NET at the top of the agenda even though it is as loved elsewhere in Windows. 


Model Of ENIAC Accumulator Wins Tony Sale Award   Sunday 20 NovemberA simplified model of the ENIAC accumulator built and exhibited by the Heinz-Nixdorf Museum in Padderborn, Germany, has won this year's Tony Sale award for computer conservation. 


Google Turns Your Phone Into A Photo Scanner   Saturday 19 NovemberIf you have ever taken on the task of digitizing old photos you will know that it is a tough job. Now Google has applied computational photography to make it easy with just a phone camera - you take a photo of the photo and use the new PhotoScan app. 


Jay Forrester Dies Aged 98   Friday 18 NovemberJay Forrester. the computer pioneer who invented core memory while working on Project Whirlwind at MIT in the 1940s, and is even better known as the founder of the field of system dynamics modeling, died on November 16, 2016. 


//No Comment -TypeScript 2.1 RC, Octave 4.2 & Scala 2.12.0   Friday 18 November• TypeScript 2.1 RC• Octave 4.2• Scala  2.12.0  


Suspense Over Visual Studio For Mac - Update   Friday 18 NovemberA Microsoft blog post has appeared, announcing Visual Studio's forthcoming availability for the Mac. 


Neural Networks Applied To Machine Translation   Thursday 17 NovemberBoth Microsoft and Google have announced significant improvements to their interactive translation tool thanks to neural networks. 


Google Adds Smart Scrolling To Mobile Maps   Thursday 17 November Google has given developers more control over the way scrolling is handled on sites with embedded maps. 


The Weekly Top 10: Learning about eCommerce   Thursday 17 NovemberThe posts in this week's round up of items from blogs around the Internet will help you get started with eCommerce and understand better how to respond to online shopping habits. 

The Core

Fundamental C - Low Down Data   Monday 21 NovemberData often occupies a low position in the mind of a programmer. It just isn't as exciting as writing the code that does something with that data. In fact nothing could be further from the truth and C in particular is a language that was designed to have data at its core - but not for the same reasons that most modern languages do. 


Jay Forrester and Whirlwind   Friday 18 NovemberJay Forrester, who invented core memory while working on Project Whirlwind at MIT in the 1940s, died on November 16, 2016 aged 98. Discover the man who invented core memory and, indirectly, gave the Core section of IProgrammer its name. 


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