November Week 4
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Saturday, 03 December 2016

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November 24-30, 2016 

Book Reviews

Ian Elliot awarded 3 out of 5 possible stars, explaining:

The big problem with this book is that it is a 6th edition and it needs a complete overhaul. To have two chapters on Windows Forms and none on WUA or WPF  is strange. The world of C# has been turned on its head recently and this book just carries on as if .NET and Windows Forms were cutting edge. Of course, if this is what you want to know about then it is a strong point and not a weakness.

In his 5-star review, Mike James writes:

Programming is 90% debugging so even a little improvement in effectiveness is worth it. The joke has it that the other 10% is creating the bugs in the first place.

This is a book you will enjoy reading, but it might not do very much for your debugging abilities in the real world. It is the sort of book that is motivating. It makes you think hard about things you have been doing and, while it might not get to grips with the details of debugging, it makes you feel that you are better equipped. 




Python Applied to Research   Wednesday 30 November A four-week MOOC from Harvard University has just started with the aim of enabling students to apply Python skills to research projects.  
//No Comment - Should I use TensorFlow, AI Real Estate & Lip Reading   Wednesday 30 November • Should I use TensorFlow • Image Based Appraisal of Real Estate Properties• Lip Reading Sentences in the Wild 
Keep It SImple - Users Are Stupid   Wednesday 30 November Over two thirds of the adult population in developed countries have poor or non-existent computer skills. By and large this is the audience you are developing apps and interfaces for - and it is important not to underestimate their lack of ability as end users.  
10,000 Android Scholarships for EU Devs   Tuesday 29 November Google, Bertlesmann and Udacity have announced a joint initiative intended to closing the mobile digital skills gap in Europe with scholarships for Udacity Android courses. 
Visual Studio Improves Gaming Tools For Unity   Tuesday 29 November The tools for the Unity gaming platform in Visual Studio have been improved in a new preview. 
JetBrain's Project Rider Cross-Platform IDE   Tuesday 29 November Project Rider, JetBrain's new cross-platform IDE brainchild for coding in most languages used in .NET development, has been made available for a second round of EAP (Early Access Program). 
Microsoft Introduces Digital Badges for Certifications and Exams   Monday 28 November Microsoft has partnered with Acclaim to award badges to MCPs who achieve certain certification or specific exams. These web-enabled digital badges make it easy to share details of skills that is trusted and verifiable.  
IBM Watson and Education in the Cognitive Era   Monday 28 November IBM's seemingly ubiquitous Watson is now infiltrating education, through AI powered software that 'reads' the needs of individual  students in order to engage them through tailored learning approaches. 
//No Comment - Three Robot Videos, BALLU, Fast Rubik's Cube & Swimming Snake   Sunday 27 November • BALLU: Buoyancy Assisted Lightweight Legged Unit• Fastest robot to solve a Rubik's Cube - Guinness World Records• Swimming robot for maintenance and inspections 
Big Hex Machine   Saturday 26 November Staff and students at the University of Bristol, England have built a giant, fully operational 16-bit computer as "an ultimate teaching tool" for an undergraduate course on computer architecture. 
//No Comment - Three Videos, Alan Kay, Donald Knuth & Bjarne Stroustrup   Friday 25 November • Joe Armstrong interviews Alan Kay• Donald Knuth Scientist • The Design of C++ , lecture by Bjarne Stroustrup  
UK College For Cyber Security To Open At Bletchley Park   Friday 25 November A National College of Cyber Security to address the critical skills gap in the cyber security industry  is planned to open in 2018. It is to be based at Bletchley Park, home of the UK's World War II code breaking effort using the currently derelict Block G, which is undergoing a £5 million restoration. 
Play Google's AI Drawing Guessing Game   Thursday 24 November Google has developed a game that uses machine learning to guess what you're drawing. Be warned, Quick Draw is a pastime that will hook you in. 
The Weekly Top 10: More Python Web Development Resources   Thursday 24 November Web development using Python is the topic of this week's catch of blog posts that might otherwise have escaped your notice, with something of interest to every Python web developer. 

The Core

jQuery 3 - Working With Data   Monday 28 November There are some hidden aspects of using jQuery and its data manipulation functions represent hidden gold. If you have struggled to work with data in JavaScript, and with the DOM in particular, jQuery has some functions you really need to know about. 


Introducing Android Fragments   Thursday 24 November Fragments are components of the Android UI. For most beginners, and even more experienced devs, they are a mystifying. However they are very useful and well worth getting to understand. Here we find out exactly what Fragments are all about.  




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