December Week 1
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Saturday, 10 December 2016

At this busy time of year do you have better things to do than keep abreast of the news. No problem!  I Programmer Weekly puts the important, quirky and otherwise unmissable bits together in a handy digest. We even have suggestions for Gifts for Programmers.

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December 1-7, 2016




Book Reviews

Harry Fairhead awarded 4 out of 5 possible stars, explaining:

The problem with this book is that the Raspberry Pi is added to most of the chapters as a sort of "drive by tour". After explaining all of the details of some hardware or software feature, we have the equivalent of "and the Pi has one of those". This isn't a problem as long as you haven't bought the book to find out specific things about the Raspberry Pi - it certainly isn't a "hardware secrets of the Pi" book.

Ian Elliot awarded a rating of 4, concluding:

The book is actually very good and you will learn a lot if you read it. The problem is that to solve the problem of responsive design you need some good tools that will help you. At the very least you need a framework like Boost, although this isn't the only choice, and you need to master it. This book takes a lower level approach to the problem and as a result you really only need to read it if you too want to take a low level approach. Of course the advantage of this is that you can be truly innovative and creative with a low level approach.




HackerRank Reveals Which Universities Have Best Coders   Wednesday 07 December

Which colleges have the best coders in the world? HackerRank, the largest online learning and competition community for programmers with a global reach asked this question. Make a guess before reading on to find the answer.



The Art Of Computer Programming The Ace Gift For Any Programmer   Wednesday 07 December

... unless they already have a copy. If you are looking for a programmer present this holiday season, there is one book, or set of books that should be top of any list. 



New Amazon Build Services   Wednesday 07 December

Amazon's flood of announcements at Re:Invent included managed build services, and new ways to build and debug complex distributed applications.



AWS Improvements For Developers   Tuesday 06 December

Amazon has announced improvements for developers at its recent Re:Invent conference. These fall into a number of areas, and here we look at those concerned with database.



Work Begins on ActiveGo   Tuesday 06 December

ActiveState has begun building its distribution of Go, the first of four languages it plans to add to its portfolio in the coming year. The beta version will be publicly available in Q1 2017.



Amazon Go - The Shop Where You Take What You Want & AI Does The Bill   Monday 05 December

It really hasn't sunk in yet just how much AI is going to change things, but Amazon's almost mundane experiment in shopping technology is a glimpse of what is in store for us. 



Resources for Hour of Code   Monday 05 December

Computer Science Education Week starts today, December 5th. Between now and December 11th events to bring code into schools are planned across the world. There are now tens, if not hundreds of pre-packaged resources with something to suit every classroom and each individual. Here we consider at just a few, after a look at what CSEd week/ has already achieved.



BBC Micro Turns 35   Sunday 04 December

The BBC Micro was released on December 1, 1981. Nicknamed the Beeb over 1.5 million were sold and it inspired a generation of programmers and is still has dedicated community of retrocomputing enthusiasts. Will the same be true of the latest venture, the BBC micro:bit?



Gifts For Programmers   Saturday 03 December

So you have a programmer to buy a gift for? Not easy because you might not understand their strange world or the strange humour. We have a solution - just read on. If you are the programmer in question then just optimize the code and buy the gift yourself.



//No Comment - Android Code Protection via Obfuscation, DroidLeaks & DELTA Logging Tool   Friday 02 December

• Android Code Protection via Obfuscation 

• DroidLeaks: Benchmarking Resource Leak Bugs for Android Applications

• DELTA: Data Extraction and Logging Tool for Android



Free Version Of PVS-Studio Released   Friday 02 December

The team behind PVS-Studio has released a free-to-use version of the static code analyser. The news follows the recent release of a Linux version of the tool.



Amazon AI Services   Friday 02 December

News from re:Invent, the annual AWS developer conference includes three new AI services that can be used within apps. There is a free tier for all three, bringing the prospect of applied AI ever nearer.  



Google Code-In Underway   Thursday 01 December

Google Code-in is a contest that introduces teenagers to the world of open source. It takes place entirely online and is open to students between 13 and 17. Now in its seventh year GCI runs until January 16, 2017 and there are task from 17 open source organisations to be completed.



The Weekly Top 10: More PHP Web Development Resources   Thursday 01 December

The focus returns to PHP for this week's round up of posts about web development selected from other people's blogs. There are a number of how tos and you can find out why Slack chose PHP,  why Windows 10 makes a good development environment and why reactive programming is the way of the future.


The Core

The Trick Of The Mind - Turing Complete   Monday 05 December

This second chapter of our new book-in-progress on the nature of programming is aimed at programmers and non-programmers alike. If you can't program, find out why you should learn. If you can program, find out why what you do is special and how it is a generally applicable thinking style. 



The Bloom Filter   Thursday 01 December

You may never have heard of a Bloom Filter, but this ingenious algorithm is used in Google's BigTable database to save time fruitlessly searching for data that isn't there.



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