December Week 3
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Saturday, 24 December 2016

With the festive season underway you can be forgiven for not keeping abreast of the news. Never fear - you can always refer back to he IProgrammer digest for every week for the past four years. Meanwhile Happy Holidays to all our readers.

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December 15 - 21, 2016 




Book Reviews


Giving this book a a full 5 out of 5 rating, Kay Ewbank concludes:

Overall, this is an excellent book if you want some ideas and inspiration on what's made possible by writing bash scripts. There are some really interesting techniques, and the book is fun to read.

Harry Fairhead also awarded this book a 5-star rating noting:

Overall this is a good book - motivating, in full color and with plenty to encourage the beginner. If you are a teacher then you could do worse than to get a copy and "borrow" the ideas. If you are using Scratch on your own, not only will it give you something to do with your new skill, it will help you invent even more things to do.



The Facts Of Quantum Life   Wednesday 21 December

Scot Aaronson is known for his down-to-earth views on the potential of quantum computation - basically it's not proven that it goes anywhere beyond the reach of classical computation. In a new cartoon the situation is artfully expressed and is both funny and informative.



Project Wycheproof Reveals Bugs In Popular Crypto Libraries   Wednesday 21 December

Google has released Project Wycheproof, a set of security tests that check cryptographic software libraries for known weaknesses. Having developed over 80 test cases more than 40 security bugs have been uncovered.



//No Comment - The Blockchain, Technology Beats Algorithms & Bridges in Complex Networks   Tuesday 20 December

• The Blockchain: A Gentle Four Page Introduction

• Technology Beats Algorithms (in Exact String Matching) 

• Bridges in Complex Networks



SQL Server vNext Improves SSAS   Tuesday 20 December

The public CTP 1.1 of SQL Server vNext on Windows is now available, with improvements to Analysis Services.



ReSharper Adds Support For C#7   Monday 19 December

The latest release of ReSharper has added support for  Visual Studio 2017 RC, C# 7 and VB.NET 15.



Microsoft Personal Translator Available   Monday 19 December

In another step towards breaking down language barriers, the new version of Microsoft Translator has a group conversation feature. It translates nine spoken languages (over 50 as text) in real time for in-person conversations with up to 100 speakers using their own smartphone, tablet, or PC. 



Xmas Tech Videos   Sunday 18 December

Even programmers have fun in the holiday season, but for many it is not so much a labor of love as a time when you show off your company or technological achievements - yes it's the Xmas Video time of year.



App Insight From Vision Mobile - Infographic   Saturday 17 December

You may associate Vision Mobile with Developer Surveys - and there is still time to take part in the latest one and discover what type of developer you are. However, on the basis of all its research, Vision Mobile also has a wealth of advice for app developers.



Angular Jumps To Version 4   Friday 16 December

The team behind Angular has decided to jump from Angular 2 to Angular 4. So if you're waiting for Angular 3, it's not going to happen.



Android Things - Google's IoT   Friday 16 December

Google has announced a public developer preview of Android Things, a rebranding of Project Brillo, its Android-based operating system for the Internet of Things, which until now has been restricted to invitation-only access.



Pygame Updated   Thursday 15 December

There's an updated version of Pygame, the long established Python game development wrapper. It was last updated more than seven years ago so news of version 1.9.2 marks the end of a long wait.



The Weekly Top 10: Even More AngularJS Web Development Resources   Thursday 15 December

We turn the spotlight on AngularJS for this week's round up of posts from external blogs. It is undoubtedly a really popular JavaScript framework and here you'll find information and tips to get the best from it.


The Core

Getting Started With Google's Android Things   Monday 19 December

Google's Android Things is a new IoT platform. It is based on Android, but the documentation lags behind the software. Find out what it has to offer and how to write your first program, which is, of course, Blinky. On the way we find out just how fast and efficient it is. 



Lambdas and Delegates - Why Bother?   Thursday 15 December

Programming style has evolved - and delegates and lambdas bring us round in a circle. Functions should be objects but if you don't like this idea then you have to invent delegates and lambdas.




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