February Week 2
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Saturday, 20 February 2016

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February 11 - 17 

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Hack Summit Virtual Conference Preceded By Hackathon   Wednesday 17 February

After its successful inaugural event in 2014, hack.summit() is back next week with even more speakers who will share their experience insights and anecdotes to educate and inspire coders of all levels. As part of the event, the largest ever hackathon, also a global virtual event takes place on February 20-21 with a prize pool of $150,000. 



Portable Version Of DB Browser For SQLite   Wednesday 17 February

DB Browser for SQLite is a visual open source tool that can be used to create, design, and edit database files compatible with SQLite. A PortableApp version has been released to join the Windows, Linux and Mac versions.



Census Analyzer Hints At Future   Tuesday 16 February

A web app for data visualization and analysis has been released in proof-of-concept stage by JetBrains.



Robotics Specialization Opens On Cousera   Tuesday 16 February

Coursera's first Robotics Specialization consists of a series of five-courses from Penn, the fourth oldest institution of higher education in the United States and currently among the top league when it comes to robotics. The first two courses have just started and enrollment is open until February 20th.



RethinkDB For Windows   Tuesday 16 February

RethinkDB is finally available in a native Windows version to go alongside the Linux and Mac support.



Microsoft Invents A Fast CryptoNet   Monday 15 February

A CryptoNet is a neural network that works like a standard neural network but with encrypted data. It can make a prediction based on the data without revealing it, or the prediction, to a third party. A CryptoNet is where a neural network meets homomorphic encryption. 



Gazebo Robot Simulator Makes Version 7   Monday 15 February

Ever had the urge of building a robot but found the cost and time required prohibitive? The Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) offers the solution to both those problems with its free and open source Gazebo robot  simulator.



What's That Dog - An App For Breed Recognition   Sunday 14 February

Fetch! is an iOS App that recognizes dogs and classifies them by breed. A Microsoft Garage project it uses the Project Oxford APIs and can give you hours of fun.



WEpod - First Driverless Passenger Service Arrives   Saturday 13 February

The era of the self driving vehicle really is upon us. It is not something for the distant future - but for Spring this year! An experiment in the Netherlands with a self-driving shuttle bus has passed another milestone towards autonomous vehicles. The WEpod is the first vehicles in the world without a steering wheel to be given license plates.



Google Takes On Amazon's Lambda   Friday 12 February

Google has released Cloud Functions, a rival for the Amazon's AWS Lambda service.



BitCoin Textbook   Friday 12 February

University courses usually rely on textbooks. In the case of Princeton's course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, the textbook is being based on the course and a complete first draft is now available, for free, online.



Android Studio 2 Beta Is Usable   Thursday 11 February

Android Studio 2 is now available in beta and this change in status does correspond to an increased usability. It is worth getting to know the new IDE because, even with its faults, it speeds development a lot. 



Does SourceForge Have A Future?   Thursday 11 February

The new owners of SourceForge are hoping to halt the decline of the once popular source code repository and persuade open source projects to use it once more. The first move is to terminate the practice of bundling adware with software installations 


The Core

JavaScript Bit Manipulation   Thursday 11 February

Bit manipulation in JavaScript is complicated by the way it attempts to be type free, but it can be done. We take a look at how to work with bits in a browser.



Advanced Investment Analysis   Sunday 14 February

Two key functions for gauging the worth of an investment with an irregular cashflow are internal rate of return (IRR) and the modified internal rate of return (MIRR). We look at how to use both of them.



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