March Week 3
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Saturday, 26 March 2016

If you want to keep up with what's important from the point of view of the developer, you can rely on the IProgrammer team to sift through the news to select items that are of interest and to review the books you might want to read. See what we thought of this week's books and sample them for yourself.

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March 17 - 23


Book Reviews

  • Next Generation Databases: NoSQL, NewSQL, and Big Data
    Highly recommended, with a rating of 4.6, by Ian Stirk who summed up his review with:
    This book will prove useful to anyone who wants to know how to choose an appropriate database solution in these changing times, and how we arrived at the current mixture of disparate databases.


  • Practical Machine Learning
    Rated 3 by Ian Stirk whose bottom line was:
    Overall, the book provides a useful, wide ranging review, of the current use of Machine Learning. 





Pale Moon Highlight Problems With Following Firefox   Wednesday 23 March

Pale Moon is a browser that tries to put right all that is wrong with Firefox. But, being a fork of Firefox, it brings with it some interesting problems. Now the Pale Moon team are contemplating starting over because of the churn in the Firefox code base. 



The AIX Minecraft Project Makes Thinking Software Possible   Wednesday 23 March

Microsoft researchers set out to make a difference by trying to make a Minecraft character climb a virtual hill. It might sound as not that big a deal, but it is. The difference arises out of  trying to program it to learn, as opposed to programming it to accomplish specific tasks. 



New Coursera Core CS Specialization   Wednesday 23 March

What Coursera used to offer as free courses it now offers as a paid for Specialization. The latest across our radar is Data Structures and Algorithms and the first course in the series has just started. 



Hack A Chromebook for $100,000   Tuesday 22 March

Google has doubled the reward payable for a persistent compromise of a Chromebook in guest mode. It has also introduced a new reward for bypassing Chrome's Safe Browsing download protection features.



BBC Micro:Bit Finally Ships to 1 Million For Free   Tuesday 22 March

In the UK the BBC has started its late shipment of its pocket computer the Micro:bit to all Year 7 school children. This is an impressive gesture. But why? And will its late arrival spoil the plan?



A New Spaceship Speed In Life   Tuesday 22 March

The Life research community has been surprised this month to discover that there is a 28-cell arrangment that moves across the board at a new speed. This is surprising because you would have expected to find this a long while ago. 



Abel Prize For Proving Fermat's Last Theorem   Monday 21 March

In 1994 Andrew Wiles proved Fermat’s Last Theorem, which at the time was the most famous, and long-running, unsolved problem in the history of mathematics. Over 20 years later this achievement has earned him the Abel Prize, widely considered as the Nobel Prize for mathematics.



Pwn2Own 2016 - The Results   Monday 21 March

Pwn2Own 2016 took place last week. As in previous years it was held at the CanSecWest conference held in Vancouver organised by the Zero Day Initiative, but following Trend Micro's acquisition of Tipping Point it was under the joint auspices of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Trend Micro.



Hackaday Prize 2016   Sunday 20 March

The theme for the 2016 Hackaday Prize is "Build Something That Matters". The contest, which has a total prize pool of $300,000, is broken into five separate challenges, the first of which is already underway, but there's still plenty of time to get involved.



Real-time Face Animation   Saturday 19 March

Since Photoshop you haven't been able to trust a still photograph. Now it seems you can't trust a video. Real-time face capture and reenactment allows one face to control another so that you can make anyone say anything with any expression you care to pull. 



Jigsaw In JDK At Last   Friday 18 March

Jigsaw is finally being incorporated into mainline JDK9. These long-awaited components should arrive before the end of this month.



Naming Android N   Friday 18 March

With the Android N preview available and soon to be showcased at Google I/O 2016 the topical question is, what will it be called?



Qt 5.6 Released   Friday 18 March

The latest version of the Qt cross-platform development framework has been released with high-DPI support.



Hacksplaining - Learn Through Hacking   Thursday 17 March

Hacksplaining is a newly established web site that encourages hacking in order to learn and protect against it. Everyone in the web development business knows achieving a secure web site, to the degree that is possible, is difficult. It's a task of utmost concern that must be integrated into the building stages of the site, not applied afterwards.



Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016   Thursday 17 March

The results of the 2016 Stack Overflow Developer Survey are published today. So too are its Developer Hiring Landscape reports intended to provide recruiters with insights for the hiring process. This wealth of material  gives the most comprehensive picture ever of the developer community.



PyPy 5.0 Released   Thursday 17 March

The development team for PyPy has released version 5.0 of the Python interpreter, only three months since releasing PyPy 4.0.1.


Professional Programmer

Hackathons Considered Harmful   Thursday 17 March

Is Harry Fairhead being serious when he says that Hackathons are dangerous? Does he really want to see the zen put back into code? What exactly is the objection to being cool?


The Core

Automatically Generating Regular Expressions with Genetic Programming   Monday 21 March

Is it possible to "breed" a correct regular expression so that you don't have to go to the trouble of actually working it out for yourself? The answer seems to be "yes", and the result could even be better than the one you created by hard logical thinking.  





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