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Saturday, 11 June 2016

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 June 2 - 8, 2016 


Book Reviews



Google Presents --- Motion Stills   Wednesday 08 June

Following in the footsteps of Microsoft's Cliplets, Google has a new app that will create an auto-stabilized looping gif that is supposed to be more impressive than a simple still image - try telling that to an Ansel Adams fan.



Emojis 2016 - Unicode's Most Bizarre Yet?   Wednesday 08 June

The latest batch of bizarre emojis has been announced by the Unicode Technical Committee.



Free C MOOC From Finland   Wednesday 08 June

A new free open online course to teach the basics of the C programming language has been made available by Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, using the same material as the C programming courses offered on campus.



Apache Spark 2.0 Technical Preview   Tuesday 07 June

A new version of Apache Spark is now available in technical preview.



World Champion Go Player Challenges AlphaGo   Tuesday 07 June

Ke Jie, currently ranked as the best human Go player in the world, is hoping to prove that he is the overall best Go player by taking on Google Deep Mind's AlphaGo.



Scala Specialization On Coursera   Monday 06 June

The latest addition to Coursera's list of Computer Science Specializations is a hands-on introduction to functional programming using the widespread programming language, Scala. The first and third of the courses it consists of open today.



Twitter Releases Pants   Monday 06 June

Twitter has released Version 1.0.0 of a Python build tool called Pants, an open source build tool for monorepo-style source repositories.



Google Magenta Project - AI Makes Music   Sunday 05 June

The Google Brain's Team latest project aims to use TensorFlow's machine learning capabilities to address the question, “Can we use machine learning to create compelling art and music?". The first music clip released by the Magenta team, suggests there is a still some way to go.



Pepper SDK For Android   Saturday 04 June

SoftBank Robotics is opening its North American headquarters in San Francisco, bringing its humanoid robot, Pepper, to the US market. To prepare for this debut Pepper has an upgraded OS, an Android SDK and a developer portal. 



SQL Server 2016 Released   Friday 03 June

SQL Server 2016 is now generally available in four versions: Enterprise, Standard, Express and Developer. Developer has the same feature set as Enterprise, but is free for development and testing.



IEEE Milestone for ASCII   Thursday 02 June

A plaque commemorating the invention of the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) over 50 years ago has been installed in the lobby of the AT&T Labs in Middletown, New Jersey in recognition of its importance as an outstanding technical development.



Wire Up The Programmer To Avoid Bugs   Thursday 02 June

This isn't a new idea, but it seems to have hit the headlines again. Why not monitor programmer stress levels to discover when things are getting tricky and take bug avoidance measures?



Progress Survey of .NET Web Developers   Thursday 02 June

The .NET development landscape has undergone dramatic change with many .NET developers now targeting their efforts at the web rather than the desktop. A recent survey explored the type of web projects they undertake and the tools they prefer.


Professional Programmer

Does Math Help Programming Or Programming Help Math?   Tuesday 07 June

There is currently a small debate going on about the relationship between programming and math. Not "do you need math" to be a programmer but "does teaching programming help math or vice versa"?


The Core

Exploring Edison - SPI   Thursday 02 June

The SPI bus can be something of a problem because it doesn't have a well defined standard that every device conforms to. Even so, if you only want to work with one specific device it is usually easy to find a configuration that works - as long as you understand what the possibilities are. 





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