June Week 3
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Saturday, 25 June 2016

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 June 16 - 22, 2016  

Book Reviews



21 - Bitcoin For Everyone   Wednesday 22 June

21, a mixture between a platform, an app and a service, is setting out to become the third world wide web. It draws on the foundations of the www for inspiration, the first built on HTML, the second, the Social Web, built on personalization, and gazes  boldly into the future, paving the way for a third kind of the web, the one built on Bitcoin.



Java Guardians To The Rescue Of Java EE   Wednesday 22 June

The Java Guardians are fighting back against the lack of interest in Java EE from Oracle. Their message is the Java EE and server-side computing matters and needs to be taken forward.



Read Andrew Ng's New AI Book As He Writes It!   Tuesday 21 June

Andrew Ng is well known to AI enthusiasts and reading what he has to say about AI project organization as he writes it is an opportunity not to be missed. To receive a draft of each chapter as it is produced sign up to the mailing list by Friday, June 24. 



Ingres 11 Technical Preview   Tuesday 21 June

Version 11 of Actian's Ingres open source RDBMS, is going to be a major release as indicated by the jump in the version number. The sequence goes 10.0.0, 10.1.0, 10.2 and from there to 11. This heralds quite a few changes and welcome additions.



Coursera Commits Cultural Vandalism As Old Platform Shuts - UPDATE   Tuesday 21 June

Coursera has announced that 30 June is the date when it will shut down the servers hosting courses that were the first, free, offerings on its platform. This is unnecessary destruction of irreplaceable content. Coursera needs to rethink this policy that goes against everything it originally stood for.



QT 5.7 Released   Monday 20 June

The latest version of the Qt GUI has been released just three months after the previous update. Despite the short interval there's quite a lot of changes, including support for the Raspberry Pi 3.



Introducing Arduino Create   Monday 20 June

Arduino Create, a new platform that will replace the existing Arduino development platform is out of private beta and open to all Arduino devs, although there is waiting list to join in.



Storage Facts Not Fiction   Sunday 19 June

The amazing progress in storage technology is not just more of the same. The ability to store very big files has made possible applications that were unthinkable just a few years ago. How big and how cheap has it got?



Vyo - A Robot For Controlling Smart Home Devices   Saturday 18 June

How do you expect to control your smart home? The choices are growing all the time. The latest on the scene is a weird looking robot that uses "phicons" for communication.



Apple Launches Swift Playgrounds   Friday 17 June

Apple has introduced a new app for iPad designed to make it fun and easy for anyone to learn to code.



Mozilla Funds Open Source Code Audits   Friday 17 June

As part of the Mozilla Open Source Support program (MOSS), the Mozilla Foundation has set up a fund dedicated to helping open source software projects eradicate code vulnerabilities.



Entity Developer 6.0   Thursday 16 June

A new visual ORM designer for Entity Framework Core and Telerik Data Access has been released by Devart for developers who prefer a visual approach. 



The Weekly Top 10: Web Design   Thursday 16 June

Web developers often have to be their own designers so this week's round up of interesting posts from other people's blogs has a wealth of resources for web design by way of tools, patterns, samples and even more blogs!


The Core

Exploring Edison - SPI AtoD with the SPI Bus   Monday 20 June

The SPI bus can be difficult to make work at first, but once you know what to look for about how the slave claims to work it gets easier. To demonstrate how its done let's add eight channels of 12-bit AtoD using the MCP3008.



jQuery 3 - Understanding jQuery   Thursday 16 June

jQuery - you can't help hearing about it, but it can seem a bit mysterious. jQuery experts seem to just write compact impenetrable code and even seeing what it is supposed to be doing can be tough. This first chapter of our book on jQuery 3 sets up the foundation for understanding how to use jQuery and how it works.



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