July Week 2
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Saturday, 16 July 2016

If you want to keep up with what's important from the point of view of the developer, you can rely on the IProgrammer team to sift through the news to select items that are of interest and to review the books you might want to read. 

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July 7 - 13, 2016


Book Reviews

  • Murach's Beginning Java with NetBeans
    Rated 4 by Alex Armstrong who concluded:
    "This is a big book that covers a lot of ground. It is very complete and if you can stick with it then it will take you from a beginner to a reasonable Java programmer."

  • Learn Python Quickly
    Rated 3 by Alex Armstrong who concluded:
    "Overall this book is a bit too quick at teaching Python... you could make use of this book as a plan for a course"

  • Discovering Modern C++
    Rated 5 by Mike James who concluded:
    "If you are a scientist programmer wanting to use C++ in a modern idiom go and buy a copy."



TensorFlow Course On Kadenze   Wednesday 13 July

A new course on TensorFlow starts this month and sets out to introduce you to the state-of-the-art approach to building artificial intelligence algorithms. However, as it is on Kadenze, you can expect something a bit different - and I think it's likely to be a good deal of fun.



Assembler In The Top Ten Languages For July   Wednesday 13 July

The TIOBE index is strange and hasn't got any absolute meaning, but changes are always interesting because they generally mean that something is going on. This month we have to explain why assembly has suddenly made it into the top ten.



JetBrains Stengthens WebStorm   Tuesday 12 July

There's a new version of WebStorm, the JavaScript web development IDE from JetBrains. WebStorm 2016.2 adds support for forthcoming TypeScript 2.0 features. React support has also been improved, as has integration with Angular CLI.



IARPA 3D Mapping Challenge Now Open   Monday 11 July

A challenge starting on Top Coder this week asks, "Can you develop the Multi-View Stereo (MVS) 3D mapping algorithm for commercial satellite imagery with the best accuracy and completeness?". 



JDK 9 Delivery Date Update   Monday 11 July

While JDK 9 is not yet feature complete, it is moving closer to a delivery date.



IPython 5.0-LTS Released   Monday 11 July

IPython 5 is the first version to get Long term Support (hence the LTS name). It features a major upgrade to the terminal interface with new editing facilities which are provided by a cross-platform library.



RoboCup 2016 Introduces Outdoor Robot Soccer   Sunday 10 July

This year's RoboCup Finals were held in Leipzig and were attended by a total of 3,500 participants from more than 45 countries and regions. With them came more than 1,200 robots to compete in the Soccer, Home, Rescue and Industrial competitions, and in the Junior leagues.



A Flaw In Turing's Test? No A Flaw In Academia   Saturday 09 July

There is a flaw in the Turing test. An AI agent that pleads the 5th can, by remaining silent, convince a judge that it is human and hence pass the test... If you are not rolling on the flaw laughing then you are being impressed by specious argument masquerading as something of academic importance. 



LokiJS Reaches 1.4   Friday 08 July

LokiJS has reached version 1.4, with a Nativescript adapter and a pure JavaScript full-stack framework.



Crypto 101 - A Free Ebook   Friday 08 July

Who said that quality comes always at cost? Crypto 101 is proof that there are exceptions to this rule. It is a free guide to the science of cryptography, that, in everyday language, addresses every software developer's need in correctly incorporating and applying cryptographic elements into the building of their software.



The Weekly Top 10: AngularJS Web Development Resources   Thursday 07 July

We turn the spotlight on AngularJS for this week's round up of posts from external blogs. Recent surveys have shown it to be a really popular JavaScript framework and, even though it isn't yet here, AngularJS 2 is already getting a lot of interest.



GitHub Reports On DMCA Takedowns   Thursday 07 July

GitHub has published its 2015 Transparency Report to provide the community with information about the legal requests it dealt with in the past year.


The Core

Achieving Autonomous AI Is Closer Than We Think   Monday 11 July

AI powered software running on a Raspberry Pi is already capable of beating an experienced pilot in simulated air combat. We look at the ALPHA algorithm and how it might be deployed in the future.



Android Adventures - Getting Started With Android Studio 2.2   Thursday 07 July

Google's Android Studio was recently released at Version 2.2 and there are big changes that make it even easier to create your first Android app. You can get started in a few minutes and by the end of this chapter, fully revised for 2.2,  have your first working Android application. 





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