July Week 5
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Saturday, 06 August 2016

Summer distractions make it hard to keep focused on the news feeds. So, let us do it for you. Simply consult our weekly digest of news, book reviews and articles to keep you up to speed. 


  July 28 - August 3

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Book Reviews



  • R in 24 Hours
    Rated 4 by Mike James for budding data scientists
    "Recommended as long as you know stats and don't want to become a programmer in general - just an R programmer."



  • Adventures in Coding
    Aimed at young people new to coding and rated 4 by Lucy Black who considered it 
    "a good resource for keeping a beginner motivated and ideal for a parent or instructor not quite sure of what they are doing in the world of programming"



No Winners In First Winograd Schema Contest   Wednesday 03 August

Results of the first ever Winograd Schema Challenge were unveiled recently at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-2016). The low scores reflect how far there is to go before machines understand human language and commonsense reasoning.



Selfie Righteous - Corrects Selfie Perspective   Wednesday 03 August

This is news that had to be covered, if only for the name of the new technique - Selfie Righteous is a name to contemplate.  The idea is simple enough, but are enough people aware that there is a problem to be corrected?



Arduino IDE Gets Update   Tuesday 02 August

The Arduino IDE has been updated with an up-to-date bundled toolchain for AVR that includes new features from Atmel, GCC and AVRDUDE, and the new features have been shared with Arduino Create, the new cloud-based IDE. 



LOGO Creator Seymour Papert Dies   Tuesday 02 August

Seymour Papert, co-creator of the Logo programming language and the man who pioneered the idea that learning to use, i.e. program, computers changes the way children learn other things, has died at the age of 88.



Imagine Cup Winners 2016   Monday 01 August

Students from around the globe went to Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington last week for the Imagine Cup World Finals. The team that goes home as this year's champion is Team ENTy from Romania.



Cutting Edge Languages At Curry On   Monday 01 August

If you get the joke in the title then this is for you. Curry On is a non-profit conference about programming languages and, if you couldn't make it to Rome, the videos from it are online now. 



Race A YetiBorg In Formula Pi   Sunday 31 July

Fancy your chances as a racing driver? Formula Pi is the world's first race series for self-driving Raspberry Pis. It is being organized by PiBorg, which sells robotics add-ons and kits for the Pi.



Machine Learning For Flower Recognition   Saturday 30 July

The image recognition technology developed by Microsoft Research has been harnessed to tackle the problem of flower identification and claims a success rate of 90%, which is almost on a par with an expert botanist.



Is Microsoft Out To Get Steam?   Friday 29 July

Tim Sweeney, co-founder of Epic Games claims it is and he's not entirely wrong. Despite embracing open source and other postive moves, Microsoft is still heading in the direction of total control of the software space. If you want to run it, Microsoft will have a say in what on and where. 



Apache Spark 2.0 Released   Friday 29 July

Apache Spark 2.0 has been released with updated SQL support, structured streaming and better performance. 



ODBC Driver 13.1 For SQL Server   Thursday 28 July

A new ODBC driver for SQL Server adds support for always encrypted access.



The Weekly Top 10: Ruby and Rails   Thursday 28 July

The I Programmer team tries to cover as many as possible of the languages you might be interested in, but now and then it's good to have outside help. This round up of posts from around the web is focussed on Ruby on Rails, Ruby and Rails.


The Core

Raspberry Pi IoT In C - AtoD With The SPI Bus   Monday 01 August

The SPI bus can be difficult to make work at first but once you know what to look for about how the slave claims to work it gets easier. To demonstrate how its done let's add eight channels of 12 bit AtoD using the MCP3008.



The Java User Interface - More Swing   Thursday 28 July

Finding out how to create a User Interface (UI) using the Java Swing library is not only a useful skill, it also is an ideal way to learn about objects and to make sure that the ideas really have sunk in. So we need to go back to Swing one more time.



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