August Week 1
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Saturday, 13 August 2016

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August 4 - August 10, 2016 




Book Reviews

  • Learning Node (2e)
    Rated 5 by Ian Elliot for experienced clientside JavaScript devs who points out that this second edition "really does take account of my previous criticisms which is why it now gets a full 5-star rating".






Neural Networks - A Better Speller?   Wednesday 10 August

A new paper has the title "Robsut Wrod Reocginiton via semi-Character Recurrent Neural Network" and it isn't a misprint. Find out about the Cmabrigde Uinervtisy effect and how it might make a neural network a better spell checker than any you can find today.



Docker In Production   Wednesday 10 August

Native editions of Docker for Windows and Mac have moved from beta to production versions.



Cayenne Easy IoT Programming Now Works With Arduino   Tuesday 09 August

Cayenne is an online IoT dashboard that takes most of the complication out of creating hardware-oriented programing. Originally it worked with just the Raspberry Pi. Now it is available for the Arduino as well. 



Mayhem Wins DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge   Tuesday 09 August

Mayhem, a fully autonomous system for finding and fixing computer security vulnerabilities, emerged as the winner of the first all-machine hacking tournament held last week at the DEF CON hacker conference in Las Vegas.



Stanford Algorithm MOOCs Relaunched   Monday 08 August

Both of Tim Roughgarden's classic computer science MOOCs that had repeatedly run on Cousera's original platform and been consistently well received by students have relaunched today on the new platform.



AI Linux   Monday 08 August

AI Linux is a Linux distribution that comes complete with artificial intelligence libraries, tool and languages.  A proof of concept alpha version is now available, suitable for test-driving in a virtual environment such as VirtualBox.



Delivery Robots Becoming A Reality   Sunday 07 August

Starship robots, six-wheeled autonomous buggies capable of carrying loads of up to twenty-five pounds, are set to revolutionize local delivery. Will your next pizza or pair of shoes be brought to you without any human intervention?



Gary Kildall Memoir Available to Download   Friday 05 August

Gary Kildall was an important pioneer in the early days of the microcomputer revolution and was one of the first people to take microprocessors seriously. He isn't as well known as the other computer creators of his generation but now the Computer History Museum has made available for download part of the draft he had intended as the basis of a book.



Win 10 SDK Update   Friday 05 August

 There's a new SDK for Windows 10 to accompany the Windows 10 anniversary update with improvements for Windows Ink, Cortana,and Windows Hello in Edge.



The Weekly Top 10: Web Design Matters   Friday 05 August

The topic for this week's  trawl of the Internet to bring you posts you might otherwise not have noticed is Web Design Development, which is a wide remit to chose from.



Android Increases Its Dominance   Thursday 04 August

The finding that Android now has 79% mindshare among mobile developers comes from the latest State of the Developer Nation report. At the same time the mobile developer population is shifting in geographical terms.



CLion 2016.2   Thursday 04 August

 An updated version of CLion has been released with Doxygen support and remote GDB debugging.


The Core

jQuery 3 - Filters   Monday 08 August

Mastering the core of jQuery is first a matter of understanding how to find particular elements and then changing them in some way. The main way to find specific elements is to make use of selectors, which is sometimes difficult. Filters are often confused with selectors, but they are quite different and serve the important purpose of discovering the things that a simple selector cannot.



Commando Jump Game For The Micro:bit In C   Thursday 04 August

The Micro:bit is quite a capable computer but it does have one limitation - it only has a 5x5 LED matrix display. What sort of game could you possibly program on that!




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