December Week 3
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Saturday, 26 December 2020

Happy Holidays from the team at I Programmer. We hope you have enjoyed the news, articles and book reviews we've brought you during 2020 - and do remember they are all still available to read and share on our site. Here are the latest additions.

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December 17 - 23, 2020    

Featured Articles  

Applying C - Basic Arithmetic As Bit Operations
Harry Fairhead
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Binary arithmetic used to be well understood because you needed to know how the hardware worked - it is still important to understand it. This extract is from my  book on using C in an IoT context.

The Post Production Problem
Joe Celko
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Joe Celko has posed another puzzle that requires you to think like a programmer. This one is all about Post tag machines, which have absolutely nothing to do with mail of any type but a lot to do with strings and computability.


Programming News and Views  

Fly Over the Moon With Microsoft And Python
23 Dec | Nikos Vaggalis
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Although targeted at kids, this extension to Microsoft's learning paths teaching Python programming inspired by NASA scientists, is recommended for anyone who wants a novel way into coding and machine learning. 

Google Quietly Kills Android Things
23 Dec | Mike James
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Google is well known for killing projects that we all know, love and rely on, but in the case of Android Things I'm not shedding a tear. An ill-conceived project from the start, but still - so little warning.

MariaDB Certified For Power BI
22 Dec | Kay Ewbank
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MariaDB has announced that the MariaDB Direct Query Adapter has been certified for Microsoft Power BI. The tool enables Microsoft Power BI Desktop users to connect to, query, model and visualize their data without downloading the complete data set locally.

Rust Survey 2020
21 Dec | Janet Swift
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Rust has a growing and enthusiastic community. However, the latest survey of Rust Developers shows it isn't widely used for work purposes. 

Microsoft Offers Web Development for Beginners
21 Dec | Editor
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Microsoft has released a new self-paced and free curriculum for total beginners to both programming and web development.

Amazon Adds SQL Support To DynamoDB
21 Dec | Kay Ewbank
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Amazon has added support for PartiQL to DynamoDB, meaning users can now create queries using SQL to run against DynamoDB.

Memories Enhanced By Google
20 Dec | Lucy Black
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It's the time of the year we expect to share memories with our loved ones, but with Christmas curtailed or even cancelled in many parts of the world that's another treat threatened. Google, however, is helping us make the most of past and present memories by enhancing the Memories Feature in Google Photos.

Create Festive Songs With Google's Blob Opera
18 Dec | Kay Ewbank
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If you're already traumatized by festive season overload, look away now. Google has put its immense resources to a new use - developing the Blob Opera, a new machine learning experiment that lets you create your own festive song inspired by Opera on Google Arts & Culture.

The Art Of Computer Programming - A Great Present
18 Dec | Mike James
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... for any programmer unless they already have the complete work. Even if they do there is now Part 5 of Volume 4 to add to the set and they are unlikely to have that one.  

17 Dec | Nikos Vaggalis
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Microsoft Q&A is a global, community-driven platform for timely, high-quality technical answers. Is StackOverflow in trouble?

Qt 6 Released
17 Dec | Kay Ewbank
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Qt 6 has been released with improvements including a new graphics architecture and programming language improvements. The tools within Qt have also been unified and made easier to use.


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    Verdict: If you want to know the basics of converting what could be implemented as a web page into a PWA app, this is a good place to start.

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