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Written by Sue Gee   
Friday, 06 December 2019

Perhaps the most interesting AWS announcement for professional programmers from this week's annual re:Invent conference was Amazon CodeGuru which makes the claim "It's like having a distinguished engineer on call, 24x7."

Currently in preview, Amazon CodeGuru is a machine learning service for automated code reviews and application performance recommendations. It helps developers identify the most expensive lines of code in their applications, and receive intelligent recommendations on how to fix or improve their code. 


CodeGuru’s machine learning models are trained on Amazon’s code bases comprising hundreds of thousands of internal projects, as well as over 10,000 open source projects in GitHub.

CodeGuru has two components, a Reviewer that finds issues in your code  and recommends how to remediate them and a Profiler that automatically identifies performance issues in your application and provides intelligent recommendations on how to remediate them. 


CodeGuru Reviewer can be associated with existing code repositories on GitHub or AWS CodeCommit. It detects and flags issues in source code such as thread safety issues, use of un-sanitized inputs, inappropriate handling of sensitive data, and resource leaks. It also detects deviation from best practices for using AWS APIs and SDKs, flagging common issues that can lead to production issues, such as detection of missing pagination or error handling with batch operations. 


CodeGuru Profiler requires installing a small agent using code that CodeGuru provides and configuring it in the CodeGuru console. It runs continuously in production but consumes minimal CPU capacity to minimize its impact on application performance.It constantly searches for application performance optimizations and recommends ways to fix issues such as excessive recreation of expensive objects, expensive deserialization, usage of inefficient libraries, and excessive logging.

According to Amazon, CodeGuru has been used internally to optimize 80,000 applications, and has led to tens of millions of dollars in savings. Amazon also claims that some teams were able to reduce processor utilization by 325%.

Amazon is offering a 90 day free trial of CodeGuru in supported AWS Regions - currently US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Sydney).



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