Face.com runs a competition for an unpaid job
Written by Lucy Black   
Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Face.com has announced a competition for an unpaid job - that of Developer Evangelist". It even makes it sound like a contest you would like to enter. If you like travel and meeting people read on...

We came across Face.com API last month and in This website knows when you're angry! reported how it had added a mood detecting facility to provide an extra dimension in an already exciting facial recognition tool that is free-to-use within your own apps.

The API can tell a smile from a sad look as well as the basic facilities of face recognition such as detecting the sex of the person and if they are wearing glasses. The API had already had over 20,000 sign-ups which is pretty remarkable for a website that only launched last year.

Now Face.com is on the look out for a "developer evangelist" to spread the word about this "remarkable" API and has announced a competition to identify the most suitable candidate.



So what are the benefits of this unpaid job?

The winning candidate will be paid expenses to travel around the United States to sing the praises of its API.

As the announcement puts it:

This is a big deal for a lucky someone who wants an all expense paid trip to...Branson, Missouri! Actually no. Seriously, it's probably to pretty cool places like NYC, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and NYC again. All you need to do is show your love for Face.com, hand out schwag, answer questions and generally spread the word about Face.com.

If you enjoy the sorts of shows and conventions where Face.com is likely to want publicity, and are also happy with the prospect of being prominent in its forum community and social media channels, you'll want to know how to enter the competition.

What you have to do is to show your enthusiasm for and skill in using the Face.com API in two ways. One is to submit a YouTube video explaining why you are the right person for the "job"; you also have to develop an application that uses the Face.com API.

For more details visit http://developers.face.com/evangelist/

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This website knows when you're angry!


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