GitHub Enterprise 2.13 has been released with new ways for teams to track information, manage permissions and build custom workflows. GitHub Enterprise is designed to give large companies a way to deploy GitHub in their own environments. This means it can be used locally to manage custom apps designed for their own users.

GitHub Enterprise offers commit histories, code browsing, compare views, pull requests, issues, wikis, gists, organizations and team management, all available locally, on your own server.

The first improvement in the new version is support for team discussions. This is a service that lets you have conversations separate from code changes, making the conversation easier to find without wading through the clutter of issues and pull requests. You create a team discussion from the dashboard when you're logged in, where you'll find a new 'Your teams' section on the right sidebar.  This opens a discussion view where you can start a new discussion or join in on an existing one. You can set posts to be private if you have something sensitive to share, but by default posts are viewable by all members of your organization. Notifications also cascade from parent to children teams so information is naturally shared throughout your organization.

The Monitor Dashboard has also been improved with the inclusion of Grafana. This means you'll be able to view more detailed performance graphs for your instance and have more control over how you analyze and share data in your organization.


Built-in authentication with external providers has also been added to the new release. This is designed to make it easier to give specific developers, contractors, and machine users access to your project using built-in authentication providers. Alongside the support for external authentication providers, pre-receive hooks have been extended so policies can be configured when code is pushed to your instance, and hotpatching has been updated to support clustering.

The final main improvement is support for GitHub Apps. Apps on GitHub extend and improve existing workflows. They can be purchased from the GitHub Marketplace, or are listed as useful tools and services that integrate with GitHub in the 'Works with GitHub' site.


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