Uber Joins Linux Foundation
Written by Sue Gee   
Monday, 19 November 2018

Uber has joined the Linux Foundation as a Gold member, making an annual contribution of $100,000. In addition it has become a member of the TODO Group, an open group of companies that run open source programs.

Uber may seem an odd recruit to the Linux Foundation but it is in fact an active and committed member of the open source community and is well-known for making use of open source in its core tools.Data provided by company records that it is  working on over 320 open-source projects and repositories with 1,500 contributors making over 70,000 commits. The Uber Open Source page at GitHub has details of some of its most important projects. 




The announcement was made at last week's Uber Open Summit 2018 at which Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, was the opening keynote speaker, stating in his talk:

“Uber has been influential in the open source community for years, and we’re very excited to welcome them as a Gold member at the Linux Foundation.
Uber truly understands the power of open source and community collaboration, and I am honored to witness that first hand as a part of Uber Open Summit 2018.” 

Thuan Pham, Uber CTO, replied with:

“Open source technology is the backbone of many of Uber’s core services and as we continue to mature, these solutions will become ever more important. The Linux Foundation not only provides homes to many significant open source projects, but also creates an open environment for companies like Uber to work together on developing these technologies. We are honored to join the Linux Foundation to foster greater collaboration with the open source community.” 

Its membership of TODO group also seems very natural once you see the line up of existing members that includes over 40 important technology companies:


Membership of this group will allow Uber to continue collaborating with the open source community and work with other leaders in the space to solve complex technical problems and further promote open source adoption globally.



More Information

Uber Joins the Linux Foundation as a Gold Member
Uber Demonstrates its Dedication to Open Source With Linux Foundation Gold Membership

Uber Open Source on GitHub

ToDo Group

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