OpenCV Hackathon
Written by Sue Gee   
Monday, 27 January 2020

OpenCV has announced a hackathon aimed at eliminating bugs and generally stabilizing the library functionality. Taking place  February 2 - 9 the open source project is looking for help in resolving a selected list of issues.

Providing us with a free yet highly capable computer vision library, OpenCV is an important open source resource. It is responsible for a lot of progress in robotics, computational photography, medical image processing and more - you can even use it with Raspberry Pi projects. Its library includes modules for standard image processing tasks such as filtering, warping, color space conversion and so on. The video module even has advanced techniques such as object tracking and background subtraction and its relied on both by professionals and hobbyists.

Later this year OpenCV celebrates its 20th anniversary. Noting this Valeriia Koriukina writes:

It’s a very important milestone for the development team, and we are finalizing open activities, fixing reported bugs and closing documentation gaps to meet the anniversary in good fit.

This is a substantial amount of work and as OpenCV is a community-driven project, the development team is inviting all library users and contributors to participate in a concerted "intense week of coding" during the period February 2-9.

If you follow this link to visit the project's GitHub repo you'll see the open issues that have been selected, and tagged, for the Hackathon. opencvhack1

If you arrive at the repo another way just use the "Hackathon" Label to filter the much larger set of  1704 open issues.

While some of the 35 issues currently labelled "Hackathon"are recent, others are older, including three transferred from the projects former home in 2015. It will be really good if the longstanding issue of "Clean Up Test Data", presumably overlooked as it is flagged priority low, can get attention during this event.

Also if you have an issue with OpenCV that you would like to see fixed now is the time to propose it.  

The Open CV project is a great example of open source pushing forward progress in a difficult subject area. Without it we would have to use close source libraries with apparently proprietary algorithms that gave little idea how they worked. Let's hope volunteers turn up in force for the hackathon to give it an extra helping hand. 


More Information

OpenCV Hackathon is coming!

OpenCV on GitHub

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