Intel Supports LibreOffice
Written by Janet Swift   
Friday, 24 February 2012

Intel has become a Member of the LibreOffice Advisory Board and a version of the open source office suite is now available from the Intel AppUp Center.


The Document Foundation is having a good month. It   became incorporated as a legal entity in Berlin, Germany on February 17, three days after releasing  LibreOffice 3.5.


The new features of the latest release, which is recommended for power users, include enabling the online update checker, which informs users when a new version of the suite is available, a built-in grammar checker for English in Writer, and a new integrated PostgreSQL native driver in Base.

These and other improvements are summarized in this infographic. Click to down load a PDF.



The latest new is that Intel has become a member of the TDF Advisory Board, a move that brings an welcome injection of funds and expertise.

"We are thrilled to add Intel to our existing roster of supporters", said Florian Effenberger, volunteer and TDF board member, "TDF is first and foremost a vendor neutral project committed to excellence in the office suite space, but we greatly value the support and advice we gain from organisations such as SUSE, Red Hat, Google, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Software in the Public Interest (SPI)."

Engineers from Intel, in collaboration with SUSE have already been involved with the project and have optimized LibreOffice for Intel hardware. The resulting version of the office suite, now available for free download in the Intel AppUp Center is LibreOffice for Windows from SUSE,  a five-language version (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian) that features an improved uninstallation cleanup.




Having Intel on-board seems to be a very positive step for LibreOffice and have a free full-featured office suite available in Intel AppUp may draw in the crowds. Now may be the time for developers to investigate Intel's AppUp developer program.

It seems to be only a few minutes ago that Intel and Microsoft were such a team that "Wintel" was a good description of the platform. Now we have Microsoft building Windows for non-Intel hardware i.e. ARM, and now Intel is offering and supporting a non-Microsoft office suite.

Could there be a connection?


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