New Portal For IBM Open Source Projects
Written by Lucy Black   
Monday, 27 July 2015

IBM has just launched developerWorksOpen to enable developers to collaborate using its open sourced technologies. It is poised to provide new tools, in particular with regards to mobile.


IBM is no stranger to open source. Back in the 1990s it worked with HTTP, Apache and Eclipse and from those beginnings its commitment has expanded to include OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, jQuery, Node.js Foundations, and others.

The new developerWorks Open site has been made available to provide:

a unique opportunity to collaborate with some of IBM’s brightest minds in a community setting

Featured projects that have been made available on the site so far include Node Application Metrics for collecting resource and performance monitoring data for Node.js-based applications and Agentless System Crawler which offers a unified cloud monitoring and analytics framework that enables deep visibility into all types of cloud platforms and runtimes.

The source code of the projects is stored on GitHub.

Announcing developerWorks Open as a "playground of open source projects" Angel Diaz, IBM's VP for Cloud Architecture & Technology" states:

"IBM firmly believes that open source is the foundation of innovative application development in the cloud. With developerWorks Open, we are open sourcing additional IBM innovations that we feel have the potential to grow the community and ecosystem and eventually become established technologies."


Among its tools, the portal is going to include IBM Bluemix Mobile Services SDKs, which let you target iOS, Android, Cordova, and Windows and a set of IBM Ready Apps for Banking, Healthcare, Insurance and Retail are already there to showcase how these tools could be used.


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