Google Launches App Modernization Program
Written by Alex Denham   
Tuesday, 01 September 2020

Google has introduced Google Cloud App Modernization Program (Google CAMP) based on Google's "experience of driving application delivery at speed and scale".

CAMP was announced at Google's Cloud Next OnAir digital conference, during which Google announced a number of updates designed to help organizations streamline app development and delivery. CAMP makes use of existing Google Cloud products, and has three main elements - assessment and benchmarking tools to analyze existing apps; tools for security, change management and 'elasticity'; and guidance and documentation on best practices.



Google says that the data-driven assessment and benchmarking is the key element of CAMP. The assessments can be used with a wide range of app types from Kubernetes, serverless, and even mainframe applications. The assessment can be tailored to your organization, and you can provide details of internal processes and teams. Google says you can benchmark yourself against other lines of business in your company, the overall IT industry, or elite performers within your industry.




Once the assessment is complete, Google CAMP then creates a tailored set of best practices and a program for app modernization. The result of the assessment shows where bottlenecks are and which parts would provide the best return on investment in terms of improved results.

Having assessed an application, the final part of CAMP is the Google Cloud Platform products that you can use to build and run applications, either new ones or improved existing ones.  The tools that Google is putting forward for this part include Cloud Code, Cloud Build, Container Registry, and Cloud Ops.

Cloud Code is Google's tool for writing, deploying, and debugging Kubernetes applications. It has extensions for IDEs including Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ. Cloud Build is a serverless CI/CD platform.  Once built, the apps can be run using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Cloud Run, and Anthos. Cloud Run is Google's fully managed container platform that can be used to write, deploy, and debug containerized applications directly from IDEs such as VS Code or IntelliJ.



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Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir Keynote Announcing CAMP

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