Azure Offers Directus Implementation
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Azure users now have a simple way to implement Directus, via an automatic GraphQL and REST endpoint for Azure SQL.

Directus is an open-source Data Platform that can be used to access and manage database content. Directus is built entirely on Node.js, and installs as a layer on top of your existing SQL database, mirroring its content and schema. When it's installed you get a dynamic API (REST and GraphQL) and no-code app that makes the data more accessible across the organization.


Azure users can install and begin making use of Directus through a sample implementation in Azure. This makes it possible to ingest, fetch, or update data using the Directus REST+GraphQL API, JavaScript SDK, or even pure SQL.

The advantgae Directus offers is to automatically expose the underlying tables using REST and GraphQL endpoints. The Directus developers say you don't have to write a single line of code to make sure your table is reachable and usable via REST or GraphQL calls. You just have to configure what you want and all the plumbing will be done automatically for you.

Directus returns the information in nested JSON format, with only the fields and relational data you request being returned. Developers can write logic to tailor the core Directus API responses.

Directus comes with out of the box support for SSO (OAuth2, OpenID, etc), 2FA, SCIM, static API tokens, and configurable CORS headers.

Caching support is provided by built-in API caching that is automatically flushed after data revisions, and that supports memory, Redis, or Memcache.

Querying options include pure SQL queries, full GraphQL support, and a complete REST API. There are also custom API endpoints and event hooks for all actions within the system.

Directus is available on the Azure marketplace 


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