Advances In Confidential Computing
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Tuesday, 07 March 2023

Edgeless Systems, a company that aims to turn the public cloud into the safest place for sensitive data, is hosting the annual online Open Confidential Computing Conference (OC3) where CTOs from Intel, Microsoft, AMD, Nvidia and others will discuss the state of confidential computing.

We first met the concept of "confidential computing" in 2020 when we reported on how Edgeless Systems was taking database security to the next level and a year later when we covered the launch of its flagship open source platform, Constellation, which extends confidential computing to Kubernetes, we reiterated the idea:

Confidential computing is ... an umbrella term that encapsulates protecting data at rest, data in use and data in transit, including preventing unauthorized access and tampering at runtime. Also it offers verifiability, in that the user can be certain that he talks to the appropriate back end and is not being misled as well as ensuring that the backend is running the code it is supposed to run.,

Now Edgeless Systems has raised $5.3 million to make further advances with confidential computing technologies and there's another definition:

Confidential computing is a hardware-based technology that shields computer workloads from their environments and keeps data encrypted even during processing. The required hardware (largely big hyperscalers) to realize the promise of confidential computing has only recently become available. Edgeless Systems has been an active driver of this emerging technology and today brings to bear both the technologies and financial backing to take it to the next level. 

Georg Stockinger, Partner at SquareOne, the company that led the seed funding round explained:

“Too many companies remain locked out of the cloud due to security concerns, but confidential computing technologies are poised to dramatically address this challenge in the coming months and years,

Edgeless Systems is already light years ahead of anyone else building the tools to make confidential computing easily accessible for developers in the enterprise. Its Constellation platform for Kubernetes is proof of its deep technical knowledge and first-mover position.” 

Constellation uses confidential computing to isolate and runtime-encrypt entire Kubernetes deployments allowing enterprises to use the public cloud like their private cloud.

According to Felix Schuster, CEO of Edgeless Systems,

“By encrypting data all the time, even at runtime, and providing the best possible protection against infrastructure-based threats like malicious admins or co-tenants, Edgeless Systems can transform the way developers build and secure their public cloud workloads.”  . 

If you want to know more about Confidential Computing, attend OC3, the Open Confidential Computing Conference which will taking place on March 15th.The opening keynote, introducing confidential computing will be delivered by Felix Schuster, with a second keynote,Confidential computing: from niche to mainstream from Greg Lavender, CTO of Intel. The event will conclude with Industry Perspectives: the impact and future of confidential computing where Lavender will be joined by fellow CTOs Ian Buck (NVIDIA) Mark Papermaster (ARM) and Mark Russinovich  Microsoft Azure in discussing the state of confidential computing.

More details of the event at and registration is free.


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