Easy Street View And Photo Spheres Embedding
Friday, 21 November 2014

A little while ago, Google introduced a very easy to use way of embedding maps into web pages. Now you can embed StreetView and  Photo Sphere images in the same way.



The Embed API makes use of some HTML that you display in an iFrame to allow any web site to display an interactive map. You can simply copy and paste the HTML as provided by Google, or you can programatically generate the HTML for a given location. 

Now the same system has been extended to embedding Street View or Photo Sphere Images. 

In case you missed what Photo Spheres are, they are 360 degree viewable photos contributed by users. You can create a Photo Sphere using the free Google app for your Android phone or you can stitch together photos taken with a DSLR. You also need the location of the photo and you can then upload the Photo Sphere so that anyone can view it on Google maps. 

For Street View all you have to specify is the position, heading and pitch. For the Photo Sphere you need the panorama ID. Each of the embeds is live and this means that the user can move around and explore the area. A reset button to get the user back to the start location seems like a good idea and is one that most developers could easily add. 

To autogenerate the HTML all you have to do is get to the StreetView or Photo Sphere you want to embed, view it in the correct orientation and select the embed option from the cog wheel menu.




Being an iFrame, you can embed maps, StreetView of Photo Spheres into anything that can display HTML including mobile apps. 

There are no limits on use but you do need a key to identify who you are and presumably to stop misuse. You might also see on-map advertising. 

We tend to take Street View for granted these days, but it is a huge achievement to have so much of the world in an interactive image format. Now you can easily include maps and Street Views to make sure that people have a good idea of the location. 


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