Microsoft's SQL Workshops
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Curated content about SQL Server, Azure SQL and more used internally in Microsoft's instructor-led classes has been made freely available to the rest of us.

Visit the sqlworkshops portal and you'll find learning content on:


  • SQL Server Data Platform
  • Azure SQL
  • Programming with Python and R
  • Machine Learning and AI


There are two other courses, Data Literacy, where you can:

learn how to apply a rigorous analysis process and work with various data tools to make good decisions from authoritative data

and a very interesting Coursera one on the process of learning itself, “Learning how to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects”.

In detail:

SQL Server Data Platform

Workshop: SQL Server Ground to Cloud
Workshop: SQL Server 2019 on OpenShift
Workshop: SQL Server 2019
Workshop: SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters - Architecture
Workshop: Kubernetes - From Bare Metal to SQL Server Big Data Clusters
Lab: SQL Server 2019
Video Series: Data Exposed

Azure SQL

Workshop: Azure SQL
Workshop: SQL Server Ground to Cloud
Learning Path: Microsoft Learn - Azure SQL Fundamentals
Lab: Microsoft Azure SQL Labs
Video Series: Azure SQL Bootcamp
Video Series: Azure SQL For Beginners
Video Series: Data Exposed


Lab: Python for Data Professionals
Workshop: R for Data Professionals (nonfunctional for the time)

Machine Learning and AI

Workshop: Machine Learning with SQL Server

One very useful section that most people miss is the "Presentation Materials" which contains a wealth of PowerPoint Decks, sample code and tools used by Microsoft to teach these workshops. Saying that,at Microsoft these workshops are instructor-led but they are designed to be consumed in self-guiding fashion too.

Not just that, but released under a permissive license they can be used in your own teaching, in your own classes. Even the template that is used in laying out these workshops and labs has been made available so that anyone can use it to get started.

Behind the umbrella link there's a Github repository and you are free to clone it in order to take the workshops locally, amend them,and use them on your own. The instructors even encourage the opening Github issues if you find something that needs correction or is out of the ordinary.

Of course, you'll also need to set up a development environment depending on the subject at hand, for example for doing Python, or a Microsoft Azure account for doing the Azure workshops.The instructors recommend free tools or free tier services so that anyone can follow along.

So visit and choose what you'll learn today!



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